Jan 25, 2018
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Top 5 : Z Gallerie Chandeliers


These Contemporary & Modern Chandeliers By Z Gallerie Are Selected After Carefully Reading The Technical Specifications, Expert Opinions And Tons Of Reviews & Feedback Posted By Actual Z Gallerie Customers.

Z Gallerie is a popular American chain of home furnishing stores that is known for its contemporary and modern collection of products under several categories including furniture, rugs, bedding, mirrors and an impressive range of decorative accessories. Z Gallerie also offers a good range of modern lights under several categories including Chandeliers, Pendants, Table Lamps and Floor Lamps. In this post, we are going to share our handpicked selection and the best modern chandeliers at Z Gallerie. These beautiful ceiling light fixtures were selected after reading tons of customer reviews, expert opinions and carefully studying the technical specifications.

A Quick List Of The Best Chandeliers At Z Gallerie

1. Albany Chandelier

Albany Chandelier at Z Gallerie

Opulence architecture and astute details with a little Victorian inspiration, this Albany chandelier is modern representation of ingenious flair and artistic attitude shaped by Z Gallerie. A complex and detailed elementary structure outlined to extreme refinement coated with a blistering finish, this beautiful optical illusion of fantasy is an appetite for eyes. The candlebra frame surrounded by clear glass gives this fixture its iconic, remarkable and warm glow. Decorate the bedroom or simply add elegance to the living room, this dazzling fixture is a visual prodigy.

  • List Price: 1999.00

2. Chesham Chandelier at Z Gallerie

Chesham Chandelier at Z Gallerie
Luxury and class represented with a timeless might, this Chesham chandelier is a symbol of knack and artistry breathed to life by Z Gallerie. Customary archetypal put together into a non-complex and airy yet sophisticated vertical geometry made with steel and veiled with a shiny polished nickel finish, this incredible ceiling light fixture fixture is a marvelous decorous. The vertical outlines of the cylindrical structure are fixed with crystal cubes adding a gesture of opulence. Hang it in the hallways or light up your bedrooms, the candlebra stand right in the middle emits the radiance of comfort and joy creating a magical environment for admiration.

  • List Price: 2099.00

3. Galaxy Chandelier – Aged Brass

Galaxy Chandelier - Aged Brass

Exemplary grandeur paired with a modern royal touch, this Galaxy Chandelier is exceptionally a breathtaking sight by Z Gallerie. Massive dexterity put together with careful detailing to the design, the elementary iron frame is coated with a sharp satin nickel finish. The major silhouette of this light fixture is defined by a celestial burst of two tiered vertically arranged clear glass rods varying in lengths to create a perfect equilibrium jetted by the core. The warm and welcoming illumination by this chandelier sparks inspirational thoughts and out of the box bursting ideas.

  • List Price: 1799.00

4. Chamber Chandelier

Chamber Chandelier at Z Gallerie

Lavish curves outlined with an extravagant artistic attitude, this chamber chandelier is a pure work of the finest adroitness of the craftsmen put together by Z Gallerie to form this magnificent piece. Luxurious and outspoken design holds a circular iron structure finished in satin gold exhibiting class and impressiveness. The major eye-catching visuals of this chandelier consists of blown amber glass cylindrical tubes with Ombre pattern responsible for the faint but refreshing irradiance melting hearts and souls. Embellish the living room or simply light up the study, this chandelier emits splendor and glory.

  • List Price: 1599.95

5. Mina Chandelier

Mina Chandelier

Recognizable inventiveness housed in conventional luxury, Mina chandelier is a breathtaking depiction of class and splendor created by Z Gallerie. The overall rich structure inspired by the 1920’s era is shaped into a perfect geometrical sphere cage made with iron and coated with a gold leaf finish. The traditional but sophisticated grid pattern of the sphere creates airy passages to the core of the fixture creating a roomy experience to optics. The candlebra stand in the middle emits the magical irradiance crossing through the patterns producing a warm yet stunning visual treat for viewers.

  • List Price: 1599.00

Is it going to be your first experience to buy a chandelier from Z Gallerie or you are an existing customer who is reading latest reviews on modern chandeliers before buying. If you are an existing customer, you can help other readers buy the Right ceiling light fixture from the Right Place. Please share your thoughts and previous experience with Z Gallerie in the comments section below.

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