Jan 30, 2018
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Top 5 : Williams-Sonoma Chandeliers


These Contemporary & Modern Chandeliers By Williams-Sonoma Are Selected After Carefully Reading The Technical Specifications, Expert Opinions And Tons Of Reviews & Feedback Posted By Actual Williams-Sonoma Customers.

Williams-Sonoma is a world-famous American retail company that specializes in modern housewares. Williams-Sonoma also owns several popular home furnishing brands including West Elm, Pottery Barn & PBTeen. In addition to its finest range of indoor & outdoor furniture, bedding, bath accessories and Kitchenware, Williams-Sonoma also offers a beautiful variety of fancy lighting e.g. Chandeliers, Pendant Lights, Table Lamps and Floor Lamps. For this post, we have selected the best pieces from Williams-Sonoma’s modern chandeliers collection. Our selection is primarily based on technical specifications and expert opinions. But we have also considered the feedback from actual customers of Williams-Sonoma.

A Quick List Of The Best Chandelier Designs At Williams-Sonoma

1. Phoebe 48 Inch Round Crystal Chandelier, Antique Brass

Phoebe 48 Inch Round Crystal Chandelier at Williams Sonoma

Luxury and affluence paired with an influential aura, this Phoebe crystal chandelier is a traditionally inspired masterpiece crafted to perfection by Williams Sonoma. The glamorous structure is an ordinary steel ring coated in antique brass and is attached with vertical optical glass panels producing a sharp sight. The blistering and sparkling glow blends in with the principles of reflection and refraction creating a lasting impression on the viewer. Breathe life into the house with this marvelous decorous, fix it right in the middle of the living room, the never-ending charm of this fixture will sweep away all worries.

2. Vaughn Round Chandelier, Antique Brass

Vaughn Round Chandelier at Williams Sonoma

Straightforward with a unique and energizing complexity, this Vaughn round chandelier is a result of superb adroitness blended in elegance by Williams Sonoma. Clear outlines forming a star shaped candle-bra construction with steel and bronze finish complimented by opaque glass housings entangled in the frame. An incredibly absolute and astounding glow surrounds the construction and bounces with the blistering finish creating a refreshing sight for eyes. Amaze guests in the entrance or simply receive nonstop admiration, this great fixture is inspiring to all.

3. Vaughn Linear Chandelier at Williams Sonoma

Vaughn Linear Chandelier at Williams Sonoma

Unique exclusiveness defined with sharp edges, this Vaughn linear chandelier is a great inspiration put together by William Sonoma. Crafted of steel, the elementary geometry is a straight and simple construction with polished nickel complimented by candelabra frames closely coupled housed in opaque glass walls. The Complexly well-organized shades emit a steady and convincing glow right from the core leaving a lasting mark and fueling deep thoughts. Hang it in the hallway and admire its beauty or absorb in the warmth and sparkle in the living room, this fixture is another amazing decorous to the house.

4. Murano Tapered Leaf Chandelier, Smoke

Murano Tapered Leaf Chandelier at Williams-Sonoma

Distinctive artistic approach accurately transformed into a marvelous luxury, this Murano tapered leaf chandelier is a symbol of Italian elegance put to life by William Sonoma. The basic frame is composed of iron coated with a nickel-plated finish surrounded by grey Murano glass leaves overlapping and streamlined to form a definite silhouette. The magical glow is a definite mimicry of ice playing with the light manipulating every wave creating breathtaking experience. Hang this iconic opulence with all its might and splendor anywhere in the house and receive plenty of admiration from the viewers.

5. Upton 40 Inch LED Chandelier by Williams Sonoma

Upton 40 Inch LED Chandelier by Williams Sonoma

A straightforward homespun uncomplicatedly wrapped in sophistication, this Upton LED Chandelier is a result of the finest flair and craftsmanship shaped to life by William Sonoma. The effortlessly stunning steel frame is attached with metallic vines forming a giant ring encompassing the overall construction of this chandelier. The steady and calm glow is emitted right form the elaborate geometry housing an integrated LED throwing out relaxing vibes. Enjoy a visual appetite in the living room or an unpretentious sight in the morning on the bed, this fixture is truly a fiction come to life.

Is it going to be your first experience to buy a chandelier light from Williams-Sonoma? Or you are an existing customer who is reading latest chandelier reviews before buying? If you are an existing customer, you can help other readers buy the Right ceiling light fixtures. Please share your previous shopping experience at Williams Sonoma in the comments section below.

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