Jan 22, 2018
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Top 5 : West Elm Pendant Lights


These Beautiful & Modern Pendant Lights By West Elm Are Selected After Carefully Reading The Technical Specifications, Expert Opinions And Tons Of Reviews & Feedback Posted By Actual West Elm Customers.

West Elm (by Williams-Sonoma) is an upscale home furnishing store chain and one of the best places to buy modern lighting in the United States. West Elm features a beautiful variety under all of the three lighting categories including Ambient Lighting e.g. pendant lights, chandeliers & flush-mounts, Task Lighting e.g. floor lamps & table lamps and Accent Lighting e.g. scones & spotlights. If you are planning to buy a stylish and modern ceiling light fixture, we highly recommend that you take a look over our handpicked selection of the best pendant lighting at West Elm. These top-rated pendant lights exude comfortable level of brightness and are highly recommended for living rooms and kitchens.

A Quick List Of The Best Pendant Light Designs At West Elm

1. Tiered Metal Shade Pendant – Large

Tiered Metal Shade Pendant at West Elm

Overlapping geometry entangled to perfection, this tiered metal shade pendant is crafted by the finest craftsmen and is available at West Elm. The metal is forged to shape the major tiered silhouette which encompasses all the might and charm offered in a brief blistering space. The brass finish of this pendant shines in equilibrium with the shade’s white illumination creating a calm and cool irradiation. Hang it above the dining table or create a dynamic aura in a living room, this incredibly graceful pendant is a perfect choice of decoration.

  • List Price: 299.00

2. Sculptural Glass Geo Pendant – Small

Sculptural Glass Geo Pendant at West Elm

This small glass pendant is from the West Elm’s exclusive collection. simple shape and crisp curves define the elegantly simple structure of sculptural glass molded into a small pendant that is affordable. Available in clear, milky and champagne shade, the incandescence of this charming and astute pendant is breathtakingly striking. The Geo glass shade is attached with a metallic rod through a canopy and comes in Nickel, Brass and Bronze finish.

  • List Price: 79.00

3. Short Drum Pendant – Natural Linen

Short Drum Pendant With Natural Linen at West Elm

A traditional structure defined to meet the line of perfection, this drum pendant is truly an artistic creation by West Elm. Long established drum design with an iron base and polished nickel cord set, this elegant fixture makes fantasies come true. The natural linen shade is encompassed with a cotton fabric diffuser that filters the sharp glow into steamy and smooth energy. Available at a special price this delicate pendant energizes the viewers and make them wonder about the beauty and uncomplicated construction this pendant has to offer.

  • List Price: 119.00

4. Duotone Cylinder Pendant At West Elm

Duotone Cylinder Pendant at West Elm

Striking design exhibiting finesse details crafted in a brief but bright space, this duotone cylinder pendant is exclusively manufactured by West Elm. Artistic impression meeting virtuosity creating a deep impression, this pendant’s easily distinguishable asymmetric establishment is modern and timeless at the same time. The evident geometry with smooth curves forming a half glass half steel cylindrical shade offers a unique blend of creative and imaginative glow peeking through the structure. The overall finish is available in a sharp bronze finish as another variation to this incredible masterpiece.

  • List Price: 1019.00

5. Linear Wood LED Pendant

Linear Wood LED Pendant at West Elm

Sleekly groomed with a well-established prosperous look defined to create an artistic alliance, this wooden LED pendant is a striking piece of craft by West Elm. The absolute and clear geometry of this pendant is composed of metal cloaked in a rustic brass finish coated with an alluring wood shade that sends out positive vibes to the optics. The blistering glow of this pendant comes from its very own and integrated LED attached within the fixture producing a bright and delightful experience. Hang it above the foyer or light up a dining table, this uncomplicated and lustrous pendant is astute and accurate.

  • List Price: 224.00

Is it going to be your first experience to buy a Pendant Light from West Elm or you are an existing West Elm customer who is reading latest reviews on modern ceiling light fixtures before replacing the old ones? If you are an existing customer, you can help other readers buy the Right Pendant Light from the Right Place. Please share your thoughts and previous experience with West Elm in the comments section below.

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