Jan 27, 2018
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Top 5 : Pottery Barn Flush Mount Lights


These Contemporary & Modern Flush Mount Lights By Pottery Barn Are Selected After Carefully Reading The Technical Specifications, Expert Opinions And Tons Of Reviews & Feedback Posted By Actual Pottery Barn Customers.

Pottery Barn is a division of Williams-Sonoma, and a world-famous chain of stores to buy upscale furniture, bedding and accessories. Pottery Barn is also one of the best places to buy lighting for modern homes. If you live in a home with a low-ceiling, you don’t have to settle for mini chandeliers, an oversized flush mount light can also be a great alternative to large chandeliers without overwhelming the space. Pottery Barn has a decent variety of flush mount lights featuring elegant crystal or simple glass shades and we have selected the best pieces for you that can be used in dining rooms, living rooms, entryways or in other formal areas.

A Quick List Of The Best Flush Mount Lights At Pottery Barn

1. Clarissa Crystal Drop Extra-Large Flushmount

Clarissa Crystal Drop Extra-Large Flushmount at Pottery Barn

Sharp opulence encapsulated in a distinctive aura, Clarissa crystal drop flushmount is an artist mastery by Pottery Barn. The base frame is a crown composed of iron and meticulously detailed with an antique silver finish complimenting the aura of the structure. Glass drops suspends down the frame creating an icy stream flowing down. The warm and welcoming incandescence reflects and refracts through the core and produces a magnificently sparkling outburst of magic. Fix it anywhere in the house and feel the calmness flowing through veins as this incredible fixture combines its signature essence with the environment. Currently it is available in a special price for limited time.

2. Monique Lhuillier Jules Flushmount

Monique Lhuillier Jules Flushmount At Pottery Barn

Ingenuity and neatness carved in contemporary charm, this Monique Lhuillier Jules flushmount is a work of finest craftsmanship put together by Pottery Barn. The elementary base of this flush mount light holds an iron ring with a shiny silver finish complimenting the tempered glass beads draped down playfully. The stimulating dash of illuminance peeks through the outlines of this beautiful flushmount and magically lights up the surroundings with a blistering sparkle. Enjoy a romantic dinner under this fixture or fuel passion and inspiration in a glance, this flushmount never stops to amaze eyes and is currently sold at a special price for a limited time.

  • List Price: 384.00

3. Leila Beaded Flush Mount Light At Pottery Barn

Leila Beaded Flush Mount Light At Pottery Barn

The vintage versatility coupled with an outclass splendor, this Leila beaded flushmount is bonded together by Pottery Barn. Striking assembly of this ceiling light fixture consists of a hand-forged metallic frame coated with rustic gray wash in combination with hand-made wooden beads with a neutral finish. The gloomy glow peeks out form the thin passages surrounding the overall silhouette of this flushmount creating a breathtaking and mesmerizing sight when lit. Give a warm welcoming gesture to the guests or just stop and glance at the collusion of panache and ravishing experience, this fixture represents grace and is available in a special price for a limited time.

4. Pottery Barn Classic Flush Mount – Ribbed Glass

Pottery Barn Classic Flush Mount - Ribbed Glass

Adorably straight and effortless outline, this Classic flushmount is an exclusive add up to the Pottery Barn’s collection. The compact yet stunning construction of this flush mount light consists of an iron frame with a shiny finish in convolution with a shade made from pressed fluted glass. The milky glow adds a relaxing ambiance to the environment fueling delight and refreshment, this fixture is amazingly simple and undemanding. Manipulate thoughts and reshape realities, this flushmount’s dazzling appearance is a modest visual appetite. Currently, this fixture is available in a special outlay for a limited time.

  • List Price: 161.00

5. Hundi Flushmount

Hundi Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture at Pottery Barn

Conventional design wrapped in a timeless and sophisticated design, this Hundi Flushmount is an artist masterpiece breathed to life by Pottery Barn. A brief structure yet amazingly unordinary, this fixture has an iron frame available in a nickel or bronze finish tightly coupled with a glass housing encompassing the source of glow. The clear and striking incandescence is stimulating and produces a coruscating ambiance to the environment. Decorate hallway to entryway and bedroom to living room, this non-complex and elaborate homespun is an alluring impression to the house and is currently available at a discounted price for a limited time only.

  • List Price: 209.00

Is it going to be your first experience to buy flush mount lights from Pottery Barn or you are an existing PB customer who is reading latest reviews on upscale ceiling light fixtures before buying? Please share your thoughts and previous shopping experience at Pottery Barn in the comments section below.

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