Mar 4, 2018
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10 Best Waterproof Work Boots To Keep Men Safe & Happier At Work


It’s Nearly Impossible To Recommend Just One Pair Of Work Boots That Is Perfect For Everyone. However, We Have Tried To Find The Best Options For You To Keep Your Feet Dry, Warm & Safe In Rough Outdoor Work Conditions.

A worker’s safety truly starts from the ground up and choosing the best work boots is a matchmaking process. The perfect work boots need to be sync with how and where you work.

The presence of hundreds of shoe brands and thousands of different designs make it really difficult to find the one that you actually need.

Work boot manufacturers use different waterproofing technologies. Moreover, some of these boots come with alloy, aluminum and heavy-duty steel toes while others have composite toes. Some of them are heavier, while others are lighter and more comfortable to wear for longer durations.

Below you’ll find our handpicked selection of the best waterproof work boots for men. At the end of this post we have also included some Useful Tips to help men find the right work boots.

A Quick List Of The Best Work Boot Brands

1. Waterproof & Insulated : Men’s Timberland Pro® Rip Saw 9″ Composite Toe Logger Boots

Best Timberland Waterproof Work Boots For Men

Signature strength with unmatched agility, this is one of the best waterproof work boots for men by Timberland. The mighty brown upper is packed with an aggressive look composed of the finest premium waterproof leather (Ever-Guard) from Ever Guard creating an unbreakable waterproof membrane for abrasion proof dry experience.

The Vibram outsole provides superior traction with lightweight durability and flexibility. Goodyear welt construction offers a heat resistant bond coupled with flame-laminated Thermolite insulation for warmth.

The exclusive antimicrobial mesh in these work boots prevents odor and gives maximum support and agility. Moreover these high-quality work boots also feature the Dual-density anti-fatigue, shock absorbing technology. The insubstantially non-metallic toe makes gives another reason to choose this option for a dominant experience.

2. Carhartt : 8-Inch Vintage Saddle Safety Toe Logger Boot

Best Carhartt Waterproof Safety Toe Work Boots For Men

Bold curves and assertiveness, the vintage saddle toe logger boots by Carhartt provide comfort and safety at the same time. The intelligent structure consists of composite toe with Storm defender waterproof technology to ensure the survival in harshest environments and conditions.

The interior of these work boots is designed for maximum comfort involving cushioned insoles ensuring relaxation and ease. Goodyear welt evident in the architecture is coupled with heel stabilizer that supports ankles well and never lets you fall.

3. Wolverine : Overpass Insulated Carbonmax 6″ Boot

Wolverine Most Comfortable Insulated Waterproof Work Boots

The ultimate design built to last and perform, the Overpass Insulated Carbonmax is one of the most comfortable work boots by Wolverine.

The insistent and vigorous look is identified with an exclusively crafted Wolverine Armortek technology preventing abrasion, providing a heavy-duty and premium waterproof leather membrane to withstand wear and tear especially on the toe.

Wolverine’s award-winning, Contour Welt Technology has been used in these work boots to ensure premium level flexibility and pliability for moments full of sudden flexes and movements.

The cushioned interior with advanced comfort PU midsole creates a perfect bond of relaxation and comfort along with the lightweight rubber outsole for a slip-free oil resistant run.

4. Justin : Pipefitter Tobacco Brown Waterproof Boots With Steel Toe

Justin Pipefitter Square Shaped Steel Toe Work Boots

Truculent and vicious attitude exhibited by clear outlines, meet the Pipefitter, square-shaped steel toe work boots by Justin. The tobacco brown finish of the waterproof leather upper creates an aggressive sight coupled with an Ortholite cushioned interior ensuring comfort and reliability.

The ingenious Vibram Commander X-5 technology creates a strengthened barrier resistant to heat, gas and chemical encounters. The square-shaped metal toe provides an unmatched support ensuring durability and reliability paired with the overall construction which is electrical hazard rated and meets ASTM F2413-11, 175, C75 EH safety footwear standards.

5. Ariat : Intrepid 6″ H2O With Square Shaped Composite Toe

Ariat Square Shaped Composite Toe Work Boots For Men

The traditional lace-up style wrapped in fierce strength and reliability, the Intrepid H2O is a bold and dynamic construction. It is also one of the top-rated waterproof work boots by Ariat.

The waterproof full grain leather structure offers a dry experience coupled with SpiderTek pro technology providing a comfy and flexible cushioning.

Mesh lining along with a roomier toe box and shock absorbing PU midsole ensures durability and pliability. A molded external heel protector adds up to the influential vehemence in the design.

The unmatched oil and slip resistant traction support in the 90-degree heel and out-sole makes sure that everything fits perfectly with Composite safety ASTM F2413-11 M/1/75 C/75 EH rating. These work boots are lightweight and are best for any environment.

6. Keen : Men’s MT Vernon 6 Inch Boot Met (Steel Toe)

Keen Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boots For Men

American design built for heavy duty tasks, the MT Vernon work boots by Keen make a zealous and audacious appearance.

Exclusive waterproof leather, left and right asymmetrical steel toe along with Keen-Dry technology and moisture-wicking membrane holds the natural contours of the feet preventing abrasion, wear and tear.

These Work Boots Are Suitable For Harshest Jobs!

The TPU shank offers midfoot support along with an external metatarsal protection for maximum durability and reliability. The asymmetrical steel toe intensively enhances the promised influential iconic hardiness. Also, a moisture-wicking lining along with Cleansport NXT technology ensures an odorless all-day ease. The oil and slip resistant outsole is ASTM rated.

  • List Price: 210.00

7. Caterpillar : Device Waterproof Composite Toe Work Boot

Caterpillar Composite Safety Toe Waterproof Work Boots

The easy-go architecture packed with high-quality assembly with amplified permanence, this one is among the bestselling and top-rated waterproof work boots for men by Caterpillar.

Backed with a Nano Toe technology for a compact yet aggressive and antagonistic approach against harshest environments, the full grain leather upper is waterproof and is available in two color variations, Black and Dark Beige.

Feel the heavy-weight efficiency and reliability in a briefly structured device, the Nylon mesh lining and sock liner provides strength to the overall structure coupled with the EASE midsole for comfort and warmth.

The T1320 outsole comprises of oil and slip resistant abilities to ensure maximum support and fortifications against alarming conditions.

8. Dr. Martens : ICON 7B10 STEEL TOE

Dr Martens Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boots

The hardened construction ready to withstand the harsh and hostile conditions, the ICON 7B10 steel toe boots are exclusively designed for performance and action by Dr. Martens.

The large high-cut steel toe design represents a tough and robust assembly consisting of the finest waterproof leather upper with an industrial waxy tan finish.

The upper and the intelligent outsole technology is bonded through sewing for a heat-sealed experience also preventing oil and other harmful chemicals to penetrate through in the working adventures.

Dr Martens Antibacterial SoftWair technology provides a protective layer for kicking out moisture creating a dry and comfy footbed as another durable reason for this smart choice.

9. Danner : Gritstone Brown

Danner Gritstone Waterproof Work Boots For Men

A reimagined construction ensuring maximum durability and performance, the Gritstone brown boots manufactured at Danner are truly a signature tough figure for tough job lovers.

The conventional approaches are transformed with inventiveness and ingenuity into a BI-Fi shank system which delivers a lightweight shank providing underfoot support and protection with comfortable cushioning and stability along with the forefoot flexibility.

The waterproof full grain leather is bonded through triple stitching with Vibram Gritstone outsole creating a hardwearing and strengthened structure which is oil and slip resistant. These just a few of many reasons that we have selected this one as one of the best work boots for men.

  • List Price: 220.00

10. Red Wing Shoes : Men’s Traction Tred 6-Inch Boot

Best Red Wing Shoes Waterproof Work Boots

The rugged style meeting aggressive outlines, these Men’s traction Tred boots are built by Red Wing Shoes to last in the harsh industrial environments.

The finest Red oak mesa leather is chosen with Red Wing’s waterproofing system housed in the construction bonded together with durably smart rubber-blown outsole.

The comforting interior ensures all-day hassle-free ease in combination with a tipping-free, sole-less base with shallow lug pattern. Abrasion, oil and slip resistant, this outclass tough beauty is designed for unmatched reliability and performance.

  • List Price: 204.99

Simple Tips On How To Choose The Best Work Boots

As we said, there is no single pair of boots that is perfect for every man. Below we have tried to answer the most commonly asked questions about these work boots to help you decide which one is right for you.

Steel Toe Work Boots Vs Composite Toe, Which One Is A Better Option?

Waterproof work boots come with or without different types of safety toes including Composite, Alloy, Aluminum and Steel toes. It is widely believed that steel toe is a better option than the rest. However, it actually depends upon your working environment and how you feel in the boot.

Composite Toes Are Made With Non-Metal Materials

For example, some jobs might require you to pass through metal detectors. In that case, work boots with Steel Toe is not a good option for you. On the other hand, composite toes are made with non-metal materials e.g. carbon fiber, fiberglass, plastic and Kevlar etc. Work boots with composite toe also have significantly better electrical resistance. Composite toe is also lighter, that’s why, work boots with this type of safety toe are more comfortable to wear for longer durations.

Like other metals, steel conducts heat. What this simply means is, you will feel hotter in hot climates and colder in cold climates. This is also another plus point of boots with composite toes, especially when you are working outdoors. Now that raises a question…

 Are Composite Toe Work Boots As Safe As Steel Toe?

The answer to this question in one word is No! Again, it depends upon the level of safety you need. If you are fine with moderate level safety, composite toe is the best option for you. However, if you work at a place where you need maximum protection from falling objects and equipment like chainsaws and grinders, work boots with heavy-duty steel toe are strongly recommended for you.

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