Feb 14, 2018
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Best Backpacking Tents Of 2018


From Ultralight Solo Tents To High-Quality & Affordable Family Options, Below Is Our Handpicked Selection Of The Year’s Most Popular Tents For Backpacking.

What is the basic objective of recreational activities like an overnight or a multi-day backpacking trip? From dramatic reduction in stress and anxiety to a positive change in mood and improved physical health, there are so many benefits that can be achieved by spending a couple of nights under a nice backpacking tent.

After a long vigorous walk on trails, your night should be about rest and relaxation. A Sleepless night negatively effects everything you do and more importantly, it can ruin the whole point of your hiking trip. A reliably waterproof and wind-resistant backpacking tent plays an important role to save you from many sleep disturbances.

After a careful research on a huge variety of lightweight backpacking tents from at least twenty brands including Big Agnes, Kelty, REI and The North Face, we have selected the best 3 and 4 season backpacking tents to share with you on this page.

Choosing the perfect tent for your backpacking trip becomes easier and cost-effective (even for beginners), once you pay close attention to the key decision areas. At the end of this post, we have also shared some very useful tips on how to evaluate backpacking tents and decide which option is best for you.

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Best Backpacking Tents For 1 Person

1. Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL1

Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL1

Fly Creek HV UL1 by Big Agnes is lightweight and easy to set up when you know the time is right. This backpacking tent is crafted to relatively temperate the conditions of spring, summer, and fall while giving you a livable space in the backcountry.

DAC Angle SF Hub gives steep wall with vertical door assembly which derives extensive head and floor space as a unique constructional feature. Tent’s body is composed of Nylon breathable and polyester mesh. Moreover, Fly and Floor are made up of silicone treated nylon rip-stop which make this tent durable. In order to achieve a reliable waterproof protection, the fly and floor are also coated with 100mm Polyurethane.

Carry this tent on any backpacking trip during spring, summer and fall and it will make sure you get sufficient (and comfortable) space to hold you and withstand nature.

  • List Price: 329.95

2. NEMO Hornet Elite 1P Tent

NEMO : Hornet Elite 1P Tent

Hornet Elite Tent by Nemo is another high-quality 3-season tent catering to the comfortability of 1-person in the backcountry. Lightweight and easy to carry providing ample space for your stretches, Hornet Elite can be a great companion on your backpacking trips.

Semi-freestanding design with state of the art fabric and hardware creates a single door assembly. Easy setup is achieved through a single hub-pole that is joined with the ball-and-socket end.

DAC Featherlite NFL poles are lightweight, strong and durable to withstand the buffet nature. A large side door assures easy access to your gear while delivers protection from rain as well.

Hornet Elite sets up without a hassle, prevents condensation and is even able to handle a little stronger wind pressure.

  • List Price: 449.95

3. Marmot Eos 1 Tent

Marmot : Eos 1 Tent

Eos 1 is by Marmot is another ideal backpacking tent for solo outings. Set up Eos 1 in a summer hunt or enjoy comfortability during a hike in a slight downpour, this Tent is serviceable and reliable as a 3-season tent.

DAC Featherlite NSL poles form a durable structure featuring a D-shaped door, on vestibule and a freestanding design. Rain-sheet polyester forms flysheet that protects you from dampness and UV damage. The tent is also equipped with a jingle free nylon zipper that pulls smoothly in seconds. Additionally, cut floor is seam taped, light reflective points, and Interior has pockets for storing and organizing small gear.

Eos 1 gives you and your gear just the right space in your backpacking adventures so you stay worriless in wet or dry conditions.

  • List Price: 269.00

4. ALPS Mountaineering Mystique 1 Person Tent Under $100

ALPS Mountaineering : Mystique 1.5-Person Tent

Mystique is The Cheapest Backpacking Tent For 1 Person On This Page

Mystique by ALPS Mountaineering is extremely lightweight and provides ample space for your solo backpacking adventure. Equipped to withstand the weather as a 3-season tent, Mystique is compact yet very livable.

Brief two-pole aluminum design that sets up with ease. The seams are factory sealed, 1500mm coating on fly and 3000mm coating on Taffeta floor assures strong weatherproofing keeping you dry and safe. More features include dual doors with vestibules for easy entry and exit, mesh storage pockets for gear, and guy ropes for added stability.

Spend a night on a beach or make yourself comfortable in a knocking fall, Mystique is cozy and keeps you protected from nature.

  • List Price: 99.24

5. MSR Access 1 Ultralight, 4-Season Solo Tent

MSR : Access 1 Ultralight, 4-Season Solo Tent

Access 1 by MSR is The Top-Rated Solo Backpacking Tent For Ski Touring and Snowshoeing

This ultralight solution is the best option to cater to your 4-seaons backpacking needs. Easy set up with a comfortably warm livable space, Access 1 is able to withstand fierce winds and substantial snow loads.

Access 1 sets up in minutes and it has a robust frame that offers a bulky interior space for you and your gear. A central support frame withstands the snow loads overnight while you enjoy a cozy sleep.

Easton® Syclone™ Poles give this tent the strength and durability for anything thrown at it by mother nature. Backcountry skiing, split boarding, snowshoeing and even long cold nights, this backpacking tent knows how to ingeniously keep the interior warm and comfortable.

  • List Price: 499.95

Best Backpacking Tents For 2 Persons

1. Kelty TN2 TraiLogic 2, 3-Season Backpacking Tent

Kelty : TN2 TraiLogic 2-Person, 3-Season Backpacking Tent

The award winning TN2 TrailLogic 2 by Kelty is a well-equipped tent for your backpacking ventures. This lightweight tent features a cutting edge and innovative technology that makes it able to tackle 3-seasons accommodating 2 persons.

Freestanding design comes with DAC pressfit poles for extra durability in the structure. Two doors with vestibules makes entry and exit easy. The fly and the floor seams are taped for extra weatherproofing. 3000mm 70D Nylon floor and 1800mm 40D Sil Nylon fly keeps you and your partner dry and cozy even when there’s a downpour.

A spacious floor giving ample livability and a D-style door offers easy and convenient access. TN2 is also packed with fly vents, internal storage pockets for gear organization, and noiseless zipper pulls for smooth operation.

Additionally, Stargazing Fly™ lets you and your mate enjoy the nighttime in a memorable way. This affordable backpacking tent is really a great choice and sets up with innovative hug-clip technology in no time.

  • List Price: 249.95

2. REI Co-op Passage 2

REI Co-op : Passage 2, Three-Season Tent

REI Co-op Passage 2 is The Lowest Price Backpacking Tent For Couples On This Page

The passage 2 tent by REI Co-op is a freestanding backpacking tent for couples that is not only very affordable but also reliable. Able to accommodate 2 persons, suitable for 3-seaosns, Passage 2 provides easy access and ample storage.

6061/7001 combination of Aluminum poles derives a more vertical structure with greater volume. Treated Polyester is used to compose rainfly, floor and canopy fabric that delivers a weatherproof experience and keeps you and your partner dry. Moreover, the adjustable ceiling vents help the regulation of condensation within the tent and symmetrical appearance of the rectangular floor ensures a uniformly spacious expanse inside the tent.

REI Co-op Passage 2 also features two twin-stake for a roomy gear storage. This extremely lightweight and affordable backpacking tent has received a five-star rating from the majority of verified customers.

  • List Price: 159.00

3. Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2

Big Agnes : Copper Spur HV UL2

Copper Spur HV UL2 by Big Agnes is another very popular 3-seaosn backpacking tent that is able to accommodate 2 persons. Whether backpacking in the rocks, or resting in the rain, Copper Spur HV keeps you cozy and safe.

Four-way high volume hub increases the interior size and strength for maximum livability and durability. The fly and floor fabric is made up of high tenacity yarn and high filament that helps it to withstand wear and tear while reducing the overall weight.

Rip-stop nylon tent body and polyester mesh ensures breathability. The fly and floor are also treated with silicone and waterproof coating for a reliable protection. DAC Featherlite NFL and NSL pole system assures the stability and support of the overall structure.

Copper Spur HV has all of it seams taped with waterproof solvent free polyurethane tape. Additionally, two doors with two vestibules with storm flaps, a large dual zipper door for easy access, and massive ceiling pockets for large storage is also in venture with the design.

  • List Price: 449.95

4. The North Face Mountain 25, Four-Season Tent For Couples

The North Face : Mountain 25, Four-Season Tent For 2

Mountain 25 from The North Face is a part of Summit Series® expedition tents. This backpacking tent is able to accommodate 2 persons while brave enough to tackle the 4-seaosns in your backcountry adventures.

The construction fabric of the fly, floor and canopy is treated and coated with waterproofing layers to keep you safe from the dampness. Two doors with poled front vestibule offers easy entry and exit. A fully taped nylon bucket floor ensures extra weatherproofing. Polyurethane port window is able to withstand extreme colds resisting cracks. Additional high low venting regulates the condensation inside the tent.

Mountain 25 by The North Face also includes No-stretch Kevlar® reflective guylines with camming adjusters for extra hold and support. Face a blizzard or stay cozy and warm in the snow storms, Mountain 25 with all of its protection is even great as a base camp.

5. Marmot Thor 2P Tent – 4 Season

Marmot : Thor 2P Tent - 4 Season

Thor 2P is The Top-Rated, 4-Season Backpacking Tent For Couples

Thor 2P by Marmot is a 4 season backpacking tent with ample space and volume to hold two partners together. Whether a cold night in a snow storm or when it’s raining on the trail or in a forest cats and dogs, Thor 2P is designed to handle the all seasons really well.

Incredibly spacious interior can even fit more than two persons sometimes. Fly, floor and canopy fabric is treated for waterproofing so you keep yourself dry and ready to face the challenge.

Additional vents in the fly help regulate the moisture and condensation within the tent. Two D-shaped doors offer hassle-free in-and-out. DAC Featherlite NSL poles gives lightweight durability and support to the overall structure. Marmot Knees system also adds to the overall stability of the tent.

The floor seams are taped for extra weatherproofing. Jingle-free nylon zippers are also equipped for smooth and easy operation of opening and closure. Thor 2P also features 2 Poled Vestibules, one of them is on the front and second is on the back.

  • List Price: 649.00

Best Backpacking Tents For 3 Persons

1. Marmot Limelight 3P Tent, 3-Season

Marmot Limelight 3P Tent, 3-Season

Limelight 3P by Marmot is spacious, huge and is able to accommodate 3 people at a time. More importantly, it is very lightweight and easy to carry on your backpacking tours in spring, summer and fall.

A specialized zoned Pre-bend construction forms vertical walls giving out more space and ample head room. A main Velocity Aluminum 7000 Ridge pole and DAC press-fit poles create a lightweight yet durable and strong frame for the tent.

Fly, floor and canopy fabric is coated to exhibit waterproofing while keeping you safe in non-friendly weather. Vents are included to maintain the condensation inside the tent for added comfort. Seams in the fly and floor are tapped which gives this tent the extra weatherproofing for harsh times.

Additionally, Marmot Limelight also includes interior pockets that keep your gear organized. You can also securely hold headlamps in the lamp shade pocket. Limelight 3P is also equipped with a large double door and a rear D shaped door with two vestibules.

  • List Price: 299.00

2. MSR Elixir™ 3 Backpacking Tent

MSR Elixir™ 3 Backpacking Tent

Elixir™ 3 is designed by MSR Gear that provides adequate space for three persons. This 3-season tent is livable and reliable when you know you want to halt on a trail during a hike or just a fun packed stay in a forest with your buddies.

The unique geometry forms a large interior expansion giving enough room for maximum comfort. Easy setup is ensured through color-coded poles, clips and webbing outlining the Freestanding system. Fly, floor, canopy and mesh are fairly treated to show resistance to water. Aluminum 7000 series poles offer lightweight durability while maintaining substantial support.

Additional features include an MSR Elixir footprint that enables a fast and easy setup with rainfly. Moreover, Elixir™ 3 is also equipped with vents to regulate the inner temperature for added serenity.

  • List Price: 299.95

3. Kelty Trail Ridge 3 With Footprint

Kelty Trail Ridge 3 With Footprint

Kelty Trail Ridge 3 by Kelty is The Lowest-Price Backpacking Tent For 3 Persons On This Page

Trail Ridge 3 is by Kelty is an affordable and spacious backpacking tent for up to 3-persons. Trail Ridge is designed to tackle 3-seasons with a high-volume hub maximizing the living space for your backcountry ventures.

The freestanding design includes aluminum poles that can also be folded for compactness. The floor, fly ad wall materials are all coated and treated to show resistance to water while you enjoy a dry livability inside the tent.

Two large D doors with two vestibules ensure easy entry and exit. Additional vents in the fly control the inner atmosphere of the tent reducing condensation. The fly and floor seams are also taped for added weatherproofing.

Other features include a kelty connect system for easy setup, internal storage pockets and noiseless zipper pulls for smooth operation.

  • List Price: 269.95

4. Big Agnes Battle Mountain 3, Four-Season Tent

Big Agnes : Battle Mountain 3, Four-Season Tent

Battle Mountain 3 is The Top-Rated Mountaineering Shelter For 3 Persons

Battle Mountain 3 by Big Agnes is an all-seasons, fine-quality backpacking tent with the capacity to accommodate three persons. Deal with the harshest backcountry conditions or spend cold nights during a mountaineering venture, Battle Mountain 3 keeps you and your team mates protected.

CORDURA® rip-stop fly and nylon rip-stop floor are durable enough to withstand the tear thrown at it. The fly and floor are also treated for waterproofing ensuring you stay dry during your backpack party.

Closeable mesh vents and nylon rip-stop body of the tent delivers breathability. The design also features two doors with two vestibules permitting easy and roomy access. Vents in the fly enable temperature control within the tent. Large storage spaces are also included for your gear organization.

More features in the tent include oversized stakeout loops to be used with skis, ski poles and ice axes. Reflective guylines and reflective webbing assures tightness, stability and indication. Battle mountain 3 holds exceptionally well even in the grating conditions of nature.

  • List Price: 849.95

5. The North Face VE 25, Four-Season Backpacking Tent For 3

The North Face VE 25, Four-Season Backpacking Tent For 3

VE 25 is from the Summit Series™ of backpacking tents by The North Face. The VE 25 is able to accommodate 3 persons while tackling the 4 seasons with bravery ensuring reliability.

The new nylon fly and canopy are lightweight and durable keeping you safe inside. Combination of DAC poles, sleeves and clips maximizes strength and ease of pitch for an easy setup. The cut-in nylon bucket floor adds structural strength to the base.

Fly, canopy, floor and mesh fabric are all treated to maintain water resistance keeping you dry and comfortable. This winter backpacking tent is equipped with two doors with two dual entry poled vestibules. The seams of the tent are further taped for extensive weatherproofing. The zipper-pulls are made to glow in the dark for better identification. Polyurethane window is cold crack tested for harsh cold conditions. Finally, the interior pockets keep your gear and stuff organized.

VE 25 by The North Face is surely a great choice to deal with the harsh alpine environments.

  • List Price: 669.00

Best Backpacking Tents For 4 Persons

1. Big Agnes Tumble 4 mtnGLO, 3-Season Tent

Big Agnes Tumble 4 mtnGLO, 3-Season Tent

Tumble 4 mtnGLO by Big Agnes is designed to accommodate 4 persons while tackling the 3-seasons as a backpacking tent. A rainy day to a cold night of the fall, fire up your backcountry ventures and Tumble 4 mtnGLO won’t disappoint.

The pre-bend pole architecture increases the livable space giving you more room and expanse. Lightweight aluminum pole system with symmetrical arrangement simplifies the whole setup. Polyester taffeta and breathable polyester mesh forms the body of the tent.

Fly and floor are polyester taffeta coated with waterproofing layers assuring your ventures are dry and comfortable. Two doors with storm flaps vestibules gives easy in and out access equipped with easy grip zipper pulls. Additional features add up an integrated LED to illuminate the interior of the tent with a steamy ambiance.

There are plenty of interior storage pockets for gear organization and pre-cut guylines for stable pitching makes Tumble 4 mtnGLO a smart choice.

  • List Price: 359.95

2. Marmot Limestone 4P Tent (3 Season)

Marmot Limestone 4P Tent (3 Season)

Limestone 4P by Marmot is essentially a backpacking tent ale to tackle 3-seaosn with 4 persons. Whether a family camp or a cold fall rainy night with friends, Limestone 4P with its spacious livability is a reliable and roomy solution.

Zone Pre-bend construction forms vertical walls that gives more headroom and interior expanse. DAC DA17 poles ensure an unparalleled strength to weight ratio. Fly, floor and canopy fabric are coated with waterproofing layer keeping you and your team mates dry and ready for adventure. Fly offers vents to control the inner climate of the tent. Seams in the fly and floor are taped for further weatherproofing making the tent ready to withstand the harsh nature in every way.

Moreover, the interior is also equipped with handy pockets for gear organization. Limestone 4P also has a lampshade pocket that can hold your headlamp while you can create a bright ambiance inside.

  • List Price: 359.00

3. Coleman Sundome 4-Person Dome Tent Under $100

Coleman Sundome 4-Person Dome Tent Under $100

Coleman Sundome is The Cheapest Backpacking Tent For 4 Persons On This Page.

Sundome is designed by Coleman to accommodate 4 persons while the 3-season characteristics keeps it ready to mingle with nature. Sundome is compact, lightweight and yet spaciously accurate to cater to your backcountry ventures and adventures.

Durable Polyguard™ fabric of this backpacking tent lasts seasons after seasons while exhibiting the same durability and strength. WeatherTec™ system with welded floor and inverted seams keeps you completely dry even when it’s a downpour. Two windows and a ground vent keep the inner climate regulated for comfortability and serenity. A door with a door awning keeps you further protected from rainwater while assuring easy access in and out.

Other features of this tent include an E-port for bringing electrical power inside your tent. Ample storage pockets are also added to keep your gear organized. Sundome is affordable and brief yet an easy to setup backpacking tent with its snag-free and continuous pole sleeves.

  • List Price: 99.99

4. Mountain Hardwear Trango 4 Tent (4-Season)

Mountain Hardwear Trango 4 Tent (4-Season)

Trango 4 by Mountain Hardwear is able to accommodate 4-people while catering to 4 seasons. Go on the alpine climbing adventures and keep the lightweight and spacious Trango with you which won’t let you down.

Direct connection point joins the body, frame and fly together forming a solid connection for structural strength. DAC Featherlight™ NSL poles delivers unmatched strength with minimal weight. Taffeta fly and floor and rip-stop dual canopy are treated with waterproofing layers keeping you and your mates dry and comfortable.

Two mesh doors with dry entry vestibules provides easy enter and exit with ample room for gear storage. The tent is also equipped with SVX windows for a brighter interior.

Additionally, welded corners, guy clip anchors and fully taped fly ensures protection against rain water. Storage space for gear organization while a separate gear loft accessory is also available as a modification for storage.

  • List Price: 850.00

5. The North Face Bastion 4, Four-Season Backpacking Tent For 4

The North Face Bastion 4, Four-Season Backpacking Tent For 4

Like VE 25 and Mountain 25, Bastion 4 is also a part of Summit Series™ by The North Face as a backpacking tent to withstand the 4 seasons ingeniously. Bastion is lighter, stronger and a smart choice able to accommodate 4 people on harsh challenges of Mother Nature during your backcountry ventures.

The lightweight nylon fly and canopy are durable and strong to bear the grating situations. The fly, canopy, floor and mesh fabric are all treated to exhibit absolute resistance to water keeping you dry and comfortable so you stay sharp.

DAC poles provide the overall stability and strength while keeping the weight reduced. Two doors with poled dual entry vestibule allow you to enter and exit with ease.

The cut-in nylon bucket floor adds extra strength to the structural base of the tent. The fly is additionally welded on critical points making the tent more reliable when you know a wild cold storm is hitting you.

More features include polyurethane port window tested for cold cracks, smooth zipper pulls that glows in the dark and 10 interior and stuff pockets for door stowing.

  • List Price: 849.00
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