Mar 4, 2018
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Best Rock Climbing Shoes For Women


Most Comfortable & Lightweight Climbing Footwear For Women With An Eye On Performance. These Rock Climbing Shoes Offer Maximum Sensitivity & Support On Any Kind Of Climb.

Rock climbing shoes for women (and men) come under different categories. Some of the climbing shoes are more comfortable for all day wear and are recommended for beginners, while others are designed and built with tough challenges of advanced sport climbing, bouldering and multi-pitches in mind.

Choosing the RIGHT pair of rock climbing shoes can make all the difference and it becomes easier when you pay close attention to the specific needs of different climbing styles.

After carefully analyzing the technical specifications of climbing footwear from brands like Tenaya, LA Sportiva, Butora, Boreal and more we have selected the best rock climbing shoes for women to share with you on this page.

Whether you are a new comer in the world of climbing or you are a seasoned rock climber, we hope this post will help you find the pair of climbing shoes that is perfect for you.

A Quick List Of The Best Rock Climbing Shoe Brands For Women

1. LA Sportiva : Solution Woman Climbing

LA Sportiva : Solution Woman Climbing

LA Sportiva has designed The Solution climbing shoes, exclusively dedicated to women and their delicate feet. With the features to perfectly match the feminine needs, these shoes let you capture all the fun during bouldering, hooking on incuts and overhangs.

The upper construction is based on suede with microfiber which gives it the durability and flexibility needed to keep moving. Anatomical Hytrel midsole in combination with Harness System® technology delivers a snug and comfortable fit locking the feet inside the shoes firmly.

To ensure you move without bearing the harsh and hard, P3® randing system actively participates to equalize the tension throughout adding support and stability. Vibram® XS Grip2 outsole is another feature assuring maximum grip during your adventure.

LA Sportiva with its fast and precise lacing system, molded 3D heel cups and inventive construction is built to exhibit performance, reliability and trust. Where they may be a less economical, but they are surely a comfortable choice for rock climbers to ease out their thrill anywhere, anytime.

  • List Price: 180.00

2. Evolv : Kira Climbing Shoes For Women

Evolv : Kira Climbing Shoes For Women

Kira Climbing shoes for women are truly an evolution to the climbing shoes by Evolv. A terrain vertical or less than too vertical, Kira will perform for you no matter the situation.

Asymmetric profiling and VX upper forms the main construction of the shoes. Anatomically engineered parts are lightweight and comfortable so you move with agility without performance drops. Moreover, the flat toe can be used to jam your feet in the cracks while you aim for the next smearing spot looking up.

It features a single buckle and cinch-pull strap closure that convincingly delivers a snug fit for the feet adding support and stability. TRAX® SAS outsole assures a perfect blend of high friction and edging power letting you give your best on different types of rocks. With a VTR 3D rand, fairly flat bottom design, Kira renders absolute versatility with reliability.

Opt out for a more reliable, comfortable and gripping choice, that these Kira climbing shoes by Evolv offer with precision and quality.

  • List Price: 130.00

3. Tenaya : Oasi Woman

Tenaya : Oasi Woman

Tenaya’s Oasi climbing shoes for women are an absolute stunner when it comes to precision and firm grip on vertical routes you take to make your adventure filled day.

Microfiber upper wraps around the feet through the Draxtor Velcro closure system ensuring a snug fit keeping the feet stable during quick movements. Furthermore, a SXR Dynamix response system intelligently adapts to the different form of rock shapes making sure you keep yourself in motion.

Other features of these rock climbing shoes include a Lycra bidirectional tongue that offers breathability. Along with, a Stretchtex insole and Double GI midsole for added comfort and support.

Furthermore a Vibram XS Grip allows an aggressively responding traction needs you desire for a safer climbing. Oasi climbing shoes definitely combines precision, high performance and comfort while assuring durability and reliability.

  • List Price: 164.95

4. Butora : The Narsha – Blue Narrow Fit Climbing Shoe For Women

Butora : The Narsha - Blue Narrow Fit Climbing Shoe For Women

The Narsha from Butora are exclusively designed for women with all of its innovative outlines and features. These rock climbing shoes make sure you perform well when you take the climbing routes on your not so ordinary days.

It features a high-Quality German leather stitched through Nylon 66 forms the attractive upper which is durable to stand against the harsh climbing challenges. The internal NFS strap delivers precise and snug fit for an all day long comfort fueling you to give your best.

The Narsha never lets you slip with its ingenious heel and rand system that spreads four ways giving maximum stability and support you demand. Additionally, Injection molded sole for comfort, formed arch support and 3D molded heel cup for responsive reaction and a NEO Friction rubber for unparalleled grip, Narsha has the ability to be the best.

Quality comes at a price, where The Narsha rock climbing shoes maybe a bit expensive but they hardly disappoint when chosen for comfort, durability, performance and safety.

  • List Price: 179.00

5. Cypher : Modulo Rock Climbing Shoes

Cypher : Modulo Rock Climbing Shoes

Cypher put together Modulo for women on which you can fearlessly count on. Desert crack to slippery edges, vertical routes to slant smearing, modulo won’t just let you down.

Lightweight and comfortable Modulo rock climbing shoes come in cotton lining for serene experience while you strive upwards. They also come with an Adjustable Cross Velcro that makes sure the shoes snugly hug the feet adding support and stability as you move forward. Moreover, a Vibram XS Grip caters to aggressive gripping needs so you stand against the challenges with the high spirit.

A little less in the outlay, modulo is simply among the best choice for your every day climbs. Be it a bouldering session with friends or sticking to rough cracks, the comfortable, reliable and safe Modulo rock climbing shoes are responsive enough to perform without stopping.

  • List Price: 109.95

6. Boreal: Diabolo, Comfortable & High Performance Climbing Shoes For Women

Boreal: Diabolo, Comfortable & High Performance Climbing Shoes For Women

Diabolo, comfortable and high performance rock climbing shoes for women by Boreal are a designed for passionate climbers to enjoy an adventure filled venture without any discomfort or distress.

The upper of these high-quality and reliable climbing shoes comprises of split leather and microfiber that is easy to maintain itself, and offers a water proof protection against the weather. It also features a special anti-deformation midsole that will help in maintaining the original shape of the shoes despite the hard work.

Featuring Zenith outsole, a qualified high performance rubber, these dynamic climbing shoes ensure a more reliable traction and a more firm grip around the edges. This will help in more relaxed climbing in variable and dangerous edges. Also, double strap closure provide a more snug fit for a secure experience.

From outdoor climbing to indoor climbing, the versatile Diabolo climbing shoes can be used anywhere for a super reliable, comfortable, precise and performance filled adventure, be it to conquer a target or satisfy a hobby.

  • List Price: 129.95

7. Five Ten : Stonelands VCS Climbing Shoes

Five Ten : Stonelands VCS Climbing Shoes

Stonelands VCS climbing shoes by Five Ten are made to impress climbers with their enhanced capabilities of providing excellent performance along with reliability. From bouldering to sport climbing, they provide exceptional traction and comfort allowing women to enjoy the thrill.

With a moisture-wicking terry cloth lining, these rock climbing shoes will keep you dry all-day long for a more comforting experience. The double touch-fasten straps ensure better grip by aiding better adjustment.

These climbing shoes also feature a narrow heel cup that will prevent women’s feet for getting injured during a harsh climb for prolonged period. It also features the stickiest Stealth® C4 rubber that gives the best grip to rock climbers for a safe adventure.

Promising comfort along with excellent grip and safety, these great shoes are quality assured and come at a great price.

  • List Price: 69.99

8. So iLL : The Kick Climbing Shoes For Women

So iLL : The Kick Climbing Shoes For Women

The Kick climbing shoes for women by So iLL are a high performance footwear that ensure a reliable climbing experience for beginners to intermediates. The retro inspired version features plenty of features to make them stand out as a perfect choice.

With a combination of fit and comfort, these innovative climbing shoes come with a single strap closure to ensure with perfect tightening. The secure climbing footwear features a Dark Matter Rubber that allows better foot placement to ensure safety even in the most dangerous terrains.

Moreover, they feature Medium Stiffness Midsole that will aid in maintaining the overall shape of the footwear so that they are retained and used for longer periods of time despite travelling the ups and downs of the varying adventures. These climbing shoes come with a padded tongue that ensures a better fit, eliminating the fear of heel slippage.

Quality comes hand-in-hand with economy with these secure and reliable climbing shoes for women by So iLL are super fit, comfortable and safe for beginners to enjoy their first experiences. Currently, they are on sale for a limited time only.

  • List Price: 89.00

9. Scarpa : Techno X Women’s Climbing Shoes

Scarpa : Techno X Women's Climbing Shoes

Techno X climbing shoes for women by Scarpa are a trademark of comfort and precision for an all-day reliable. They come with enhanced features to provide you the perfect fit without hurting your feet.

The breathable suede upper in combination with micro suede overlays add durability to the footwear. These fine-quality climbing shoes feature a Bi-Tension randing that activate your toes, driving more power to them hence ensuring better foot flexing without cramming your feet. The shoes also feature a comfort fit heel that will not only support the heel but also assist in all-day comfort.

The Vibram® XS Edge outsole not only provides a better grip, but also ensures a more profound firmness to the overall footwear to let you efficiently climb for long. Moreover, these shoes feature a Flexan 1.4 midsole that guarantees shoe stiffness that keeps the shoe quality edging.

The Techno X by Scarpa is a reliable choice for passionate climbers who are in search for a super comfortable, perfectly fit and dynamic footwear that will let you conquer the adventure with massive support.

  • List Price: 100.49

10. Red Chili : Voltage Highend Climbing Shoes For Women

Red Chili : Voltage Highend Climbing Shoes For Women

From rock climbing to indoor climbing, the Voltage, high-end climbing shoes by Red Chill are a perfect combination of performance and features. These innovative climbing shoes will surely keep you ever ready for your favorite adventures.

Featuring a synthetic upper, these shoes will hold up against the wet conditions and the wear and tear for a long time. The added feature of RC-Tension midsole ensures precision and high level of support.

Vibram XS Grip rubber ensures a better traction on all rock types to deliver a more reliable performance. These anatomically shaped climbing shoes also feature Dual-VCR entry that ensure an easy entry followed by snug fit for a more convenience.

With powerful downturn, maximum reliability, excellent traction, trustable durability and breathability, these precision perfect climbing shoes for women by Red Chili are a must have asset to your climbing gear.

  • List Price: 148.95

Which of these rock climbing shoes you liked the most? Have you found you were looking for? Please feel free to leave a question about climbing shoes or start a new discussion in the comments section below.

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