Mar 4, 2018
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Best Rock Climbing Shoes For Men


From Beginners To Experienced Mountain & Boulder Climbers, Our Handpicked Selection Of The Best Rock Climbing Shoes Offers At Least One Option That Is Perfect For You!

Rock climbing shoes are made with different construction, fit and closure system with a specific end-user and climbing style in mind. Which pair of climbing shoes is best for you depends upon whether you are a sport climber, a boulderer, an alpinist or a big-wall climber.

There are many well-reputed manufacturers and brands that produce high-quality climbing gear and footwear for beginners and experienced climbers. For this post, we have researched on more than twenty leading companies including LA Sportiva, Evolv, Scarpa and others that offer finest quality climbing shoes and equipment.

Below we have shared our carefully selected, top-rated and the best rock climbing shoes for men. All of these performance climbing footwear come with their own set of features and advantages. But the one thing that is common between all of them is their DNA, a.k.a. innovative designs with high sensitivity and accuracy.

A Quick List Of The Best Rock Climbing Shoe Brands For Men

1. LA Sportiva : Genius Climbing Shes For Men

LA Sportiva : Genius Climbing Shes For Men

LA Sportiva has its great line up of Genius climbing shoes built for men who love to conquer heights. The ingenious design of Genius is packed with innovative features so you stay ahead without much problems.

The elementary suede leather construction is unique featuring No-Edge technology which gives a larger surface area coverage when comes in contacts with the rocks. The lacing-up system keeps the feet intact on their position for a snug fit ensuring support and stability.

Moreover, a Laspoflex midsole with P3 patented system adds to the comfortability and keeps you climbing to new heights even if you haven’t worn the shoes tightly. La Sportiva with its Genius makes sure you keep climbing, Vibram® XSGrip2 is integrated as the outsole for frim grips.

Above all, these climbing shoes for men are surely a choice of trust, reliability with exceptional adaptability so hit on the high rocks and show them who the boss is.

  • List Price: 195.00

2. Evolv : Oracle Performance Climbing Footwear For Men

Evolv : Oracle Performance Climbing Footwear For Men

Oracle performance are really an evolutionary climbing shoes for men put together inventively by Evolv. The Oracle climbing shoes surely qualifie the highest level of fit available on the shelves so you can climb up and up the rocks.

Hit the heights with an advance quick lace closure system that keeps your feet on their very place ensuring stability and support. This lace system resides on Syntheratek VX upper which is durable enough to hold you on your place. An additional Agion Anti-Microbial lining controls the odor bacteria growth so you stay sharp and hassle free.

A very smart choice, these performance capable rock climbing shoes utilize TRAX® SAS two-piece outsole which delivers firm traction. Other than that, love bump midsole offers matchless comfortability and then the rest is on you to win.

  • List Price: 175.00

3. Scarpa : Furia Rock Climbing Shoes

Scarpa : Furia Rock Climbing Shoes

Scarpa’s Furia is always ready to set new standards and heights when it comes to men with high spirits. Climb to the new heights and explore the untouched roughness of the high rocks, these climbing shoes will make sure that nothing comes between you and your adventure.

The extremely innovative construction is different than any other climbing shoes featuring PCB Tension which is patent pending. This assembly eliminates the need of a midsole and you can literally wear these shoes as socks. Also, active rand construction features a power band that links the whole structure to fit to your needs.

Factually, there is no midsole between your feet and the aggressive traction capable Vibram® XS Grip outsole. So yes, activate each and every nerve and cell in your feet and the Furia will definitely sync in with your call.

  • List Price: 136.00

4. Five Ten : Quantum VCS

Five Ten : Quantum VCS

Quantum VCS Five Ten came to life as Adidas sat with the Huber brothers to craft these ingenious rock climbing shoes for men. Long bouldering sessions, steep heights, pretty much every climbing setting and Quantum VCS, and yes it has your back.

Flex around and the synthetically designed Clarino upper shoes no stretch. Velcro on off setting ensures the shoes tightly matches the contours of your feet and you get the best support and stability you ask.

Furthermore, the wide last construction adds more comfort and gives you a sock like feel so you move upward with agility. Stealth® C4™ outsole delivers the firm grip and traction this inventive assembly requires. Hold your spirit and climb the heights with a little cheat gear up your sleeve, Quantum VCS won’t let you down.

Offering perfect fit, security, comfort and satisfaction, these quality assured Quantum VCS climbing shoes are a reliable choice for an adventure filled climbing.

  • List Price: 185.00

5. Cypher Climbing : Men’s CoDex Shoes

Cypher Climbing : Men's CoDex Shoes

Cypher Climbing has made these Men’s codex shoes to surely break the code. Unmatched unique assembly offers the stiffness you desire on rocky heights to sharp steep edges ensuring agility.

Velcro on offsetting makes the handling pretty easy while enjoying all the good it delivers. The hybrid design preserves performance with the synthetic toe-box and unlined leather heel which fits tightly to assure maximum support while offering unmatched comfortability.

These safe climbing shoes come with the Vibram XS Grip outsole, you can simply scramble on boulders to boulders with the firm grip and traction you demand. These rock climbing shoes are an absolute need when you know the competition is tough and you need the best.

  • List Price: 119.95

6. Boreal : Satori, The Ultimate Bouldering Shoe For Men

Boreal : Satori, The Ultimate Bouldering Shoe For Men

Satori, the ultimate bouldering shoe for men by Borael Outdoor exhibits an aggressively downturned assembly featuring an asymmetric last shape. Climb the rocks or deal with the steep situations, these shoes will definitely take you to the next level of adventure.

The lined synthetic microfiber leather upper of the shoes ensures durability, better tensile strength and resistance to harsh nature. The M2 Fit™ closure encompasses both Velcro and lace closure properties which delivers a perfect and tight fit for the feet.

Furthermore, high sensitivity midsole with Toe Flexion System offers comfortability so you keep going without stops. The snug 3D molded heel provides exceptional heel hooking ability while the Ultra Sticky Boreal ZENITH PRO Ultra outsole assures you get the aggressive grip on even the narrow edges.

Engage in the overhanging climb or a spirit packed day with bouldering, these shoes fit through the Wrap Rand and uniquely sculpted toe rand for unmatched support and stability.

  • List Price: 120.00

7. So iLL : 2020 Gold, Extremely Lightweight Climbing Shoe

So iLL : 2020 Gold, Extremely Lightweight Climbing Shoe

The 2020 Gold for men by So iLL Holds has this unique Greek touch exhibiting style packed with performance designed for smearing, steep terrain and bouldering.

Nothing can stop these extremely lightweight climbing shoes with the stretch resistant synthetic upper delivering durability and pliability. The interior softly shapes the feet with a snug fit featuring a sensitive midsole for comfort. Also, these reliable rock climbing shoes feature large buckle closure to further enhance the fitting precision for support and stability so you move quickly till the end.

These climbing shoes also feature an Impressive Dark Matter rubber that holds you to stick with the exceptional and firm grip. These extremely supportive shoes are sensitive enough to adapt to a variety of different rock surfaces making it a reliable choice.

Quality and performance assured, these lightweight rock climbing shoes are a smart choice for climbers to suffice their thirst of adventure and journey, without any fear.

  • List Price: 149.00

8. Zamberlan : A46 Altair, Cheap Rock Climbing Shoes For Men

Zamberlan : A46 Altair Climbing Shoes

A46 Altair climbing shoes for men from Zamberlan are handcrafted with all the old and traditional Italian shoe making flair. Designed to perform on different rock surfaces intelligently, A46 Altair is a best choice when it comes to durability and endurance.

The overall wide design has a strong suede and synthetic fiber upper which lasts longer during the hard tasks. A soft mesh tongue delivers breathability so you stay on your route without losing. Also, a supportive lacing system is sensitive enough to engage the high holding properties on small foot holds.

The Asymmetrical curvature with the downturn intelligently houses the dual heel finger pulls giving you the extra support and stability you desire. Furthermore, the Grippy rubber outsole assures the extreme grip so you can continue your sport climbing or bouldering activity without interruptions.

Highly affordable, these quality assured Zamberlan’s A46 Altair climbing shoes are a perfect blend of reliable performance and perfect comfort for a satisfied climbing experience. They are currently available at a special price for a limited time only.

  • List Price: 39.00

9. Mad Rock : Redline, Surprisingly Comfortable, Wide Toe Climbing Shoes

Mad Rock : Redline, Surprisingly Comfortable, Wide Toe Climbing Shoes

Redline climbing shoes by Mad Rock renders a comfortable, lightweight and performance capable shoes designed for men. Engage in bouldering or enjoy some rock climbing, these climbers are versatile and always ready to deliver.

The Tek Flex upper assures minimal stretch and absolute breathability so you keep moving without breaks. Wide toe box till the downturned spiral last entangled in the two-way stretch silicone frame assuring maximum support with high grabbing power. Moreover, the intelligent heel clutch is connected to lacing system which produces more tension ensuring maximum power feedback.

The assembly also features a concave polycarbonate midsole that guarantees comfort for the feet. Science Friction 3.0, R2 rand rubber and aggressive profiling makes these shoes incredibly serene climbers for people with high spirits.

Embrace quality and extended features by opting out for a reliable, comfortable and versatile climbing shoes that are made to perform.

  • List Price: 169.00

10. Tenaya : Mundaka Climbing Shoe For Optimal Performance

Tenaya : Mundaka Climbing Shoe For Optimal Performance

Mundaka for men shelved by Tenaya is truly packed with inventive features delivering the power to efficiently engage in bouldering, climbing on overhanging walls and low angle smearing.

With a glove like fit, the durable microfiber upper lasts to perform with maximum flexibility. Draxtor closure system offers a Velcro system with wrap-around flap giving for more control on difficult heel-hooks.

Moreover, double midsole GI keeps the feet comfortably locked inside so you can perform without stopping. The ironically precise fit snugly holds the arch and heel of the feet ensuring the demanded support and stability.

Additionally, the overall construction also features a two-part sole that intelligently adapts to the form of the rocks while Vibram XS Grip outsole lets you firmly grip the surface.

Chose these quality assured climbers and get to experience the sensitivity and precision it offers during your game, with an additional support, comfort and performance.

  • List Price: 180.00

Are you a beginner or an experienced climber? In the beginning of this post, we claimed, we are confident that you’ll find at least one pair of rock climbing shoes that is RIGHT for you. Have you found what you were looking for. We would appreciate your feedback in the comments section below.

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