Oct 16, 2017
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10 Best Museums In Florida For Contemporary & Historic Art Lovers


This Post Carries Some Basic But Useful & Very Interesting Information About The Top 10 Museums In Florida, United States. Every Year, All Of These Museums Attract Thousands Of Art Enthusiasts From Around The World.

Florida is the third most populous US state. Every year, Florida attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from almost every corner on the planet. Most of the people tend to visit Florida for the recreation. Almost 80% of the total jobs in Florida are in the service industry including (but not limited to) food supplies, hoteling and entertainment to guests. But if you are a student of history, a historic art lover or just one of those visitors who enjoy gaining a little knowledge while on vacation, we have gathered some interesting information about the best art museums in Florida.

A Quick List Of Top 10 Museums In Florida, United States

1. Orlando Museum of Art, Central Florida

Orlando Museum of Art

Orlando Museum of Art allows you to physically explore the virtual world of history and art since 1924. It is one of the best art museums in Florida, United States, that are serving to connect today’s world with the world that has perished. All that is left is countless ancient antiquities that await your presence to help you explore the world of our ancestors along with hundreds of paintings that hang along to tell their thousand words stories to you. Orlando Museum of Art also organizes several exhibitions time to time to manifest self-expression of power, beauty and history for whom it matters.

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  • Booking: Buy Tickets Online
  • Hours: From Tuesday to Sunday 10:00am to 4:00pm [Monday Closed]
  • Address: Find Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, FL on Google Maps

2. Salvador Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, FL

Salvador Dali Museum

Salvador Dali Museum is home to the unforgettably surreal work of the legendary Salvador Dali and artists with the similar genre. Located in the St. Petersburg, Florida, Salvador Dali Museum was established in 1982. Salvador Dali’s exceptional work like The Hallucinogenic Toreador and The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, alongside 100s of master pieces by other artists are waiting to welcome you to the world of freedom-of-expression with the splash of colors and sculpture that despite being still, tell you an entirely different story. Salvador Dali Museum awakens the human race with pieces that are a class apart, depicting the rigidness of time, the animality in femininity, and so much more for today’s real world.

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  • Booking: Buy Tickets Online
  • Hours: From Monday to Sunday 10:00am to 5:30pm (Open 7 Days a Week!)
  • Address: Find Salvador Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida on Google Maps

3. Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, Florida

Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, Florida

Museum of Contemporary Art located in North Miami, Florida, United States, has been the hub of thought provoking artistic collection since 1994. Curating the fusion of different materials, styles and abstractions, Museum of Contemporary Art is the home to the shape-shifting collection that expresses stories and nightmares in its creation. Be it strokes of color, or modern sculptures, every piece bleeds expression of modelled emotion. Art at Museum of Contemporary Art speaks for itself, translating the muted story of long-gone love, heartening tragedies, and the dilemmas of today’s world in colors and stains.

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4. Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art
Winter Park, FL

Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art exhibits a large collection of early century masterpieces along with the comprehensive collection of antiquities and pottery from the American history, that has been depicting early centuries at its best since 1942. From the glassed collection of William Morris to the sculptures of Thomas Crawford, art is craved to the roots of Charles Hosmer Museum of American Art. Situated in Winter Park, Florida, Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art features a curated collection of art that foremost soothe the eyes yearning for Louis Comfort Tiffany’s collection from the early 1930s. Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art also organizes various exhibitions to celebrate the world of artistic beauty and power.

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5. Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach, Florida

Bass Museum of Art

Bass Museum of Art is one of the most famous museums in Florida that are preserving the cultural and artistic value of ancient history in world class paintings and sculptures. Located in Miami Beach, Florida, Bass Museum of Art opened its door to public in 1963. Exhibiting the collection of famous international artists like Erwin Wurm and Isaac Julien, Bass Museum of Art strives to rejuvenate the long-gone beauty of medieval times. Also, contemporary art at Bass Museum of Art is a fusion of what we have and what we should have, defying the easy explanations of life, every masterwork elaborates a different story of war and peace.

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6. Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens,
Jacksonville, South Florida

Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, South Florida

Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens has been serving the masses with masterpieces from the history of the ancient era in fusion with the modern art, and gardens full of antediluvian plants, since 1961. Cummer Museum of Art and Garden is located in Jacksonville, South Florida, United States, and has been home to the historic collection of art and gardens of the Cummer family, which later on expanded to be a big server of the primordial years.

The three gardens of the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens are absolute beauty, depicting the beauty of American landscape designs dated back to 1903. Additionally, Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens showcases seven entirely unique collection of classics including The Constance I. and Ralph H. Wark Collection of Early Meissen Porcelain, Collection Archives and Rare Books for knowledge thirsty minds from around the globe.

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7. Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, FL

Tampa Museum of Art, Florida

Tampa Museum of Art has preserved the stories of love and war, hatred and belongingness, grief and happiness within its master pieces since 1979. Located in Tampa, Florida, United States, Tampa Museum of Art presents a comprehensive and one of the best collections of modern and contemporary art that insights the inner version of how the world of yesterdays and todays coincide and differentiate. Also, ancient history of the long-gone Roman and Greek Empires is well preserved and exhibited for the paleophile minds. Tampa Museum of Art organizes numerous exhibitions showcasing new and old hidden talents of the society that speak stories through their beautiful collection.

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  • Booking: Tickets & Membership
  • Hours: From Monday to Sunday 11:00am to 7:00pm [Open 7 Days A Week!]
  • Address: Find Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, FL on Google Maps

8. Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, FL

Norton Museum of Art

Norton Museum of Art has been showcasing a collection of painting and artifacts of the bygone period of love and war to the public since 1941. Located in the West Palm Beach, Norton Museum of Art is one of the largest museums in Florida, United States.

In Norton Museum of Art, the early American, European and Chinese histories reside in more than 7,000 masterpieces of canvases and molds, painted and shaped with emotions that words fail to express. Also, a curated collection of the conflicted era of human race, the Modern Age, waits for you to explore the beauty and tyranny of the lifestyle of fellow humans, at Norton Museum of Art. Watch the parallel world of your ancestors, learn their habitat, experience the evolution of the world and its beings, explore the ancient history and art at Norton Museum of Art and stay mesmerized forever.

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  • Booking: Museum Admission is Free
  • Hours: From Tuesday to Sunday 12:00pm to 5:00pm [Monday Closed]
  • Address: Find Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, FL on Google Maps

9. Cornell Fine Arts Museum, Winter Park, Florida

Cornell Fine Arts Museum in Winter Park, FL

Cornell Fine Arts Museum has been serving the people with ancient history and beautiful art since 1978. Located in Winter Park, Florida, United States, Cornell Fine Arts Museum is a class apart in providing a virtual experience to the forgone historic times. At Cornell Fine Arts Museum, more than 5,000 objects feature the diversity and challenging nature of the contemporary world of expressing love through hate and war through peace. From Pablo Picasso to William Merritt Chase, a lot more cherishing work from world class artists is exhibited for today’s generation.

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  • Booking: Museum Admission is Free
  • Hours: From Tuesday to Sunday 10:00am to 4:00pm [Monday Off]
  • Address: Find Cornell Fine Arts Museum on Google Maps

10. Perez Art Museum Miami, Florida

Perez Art Museum, Miami, Florida

Perez Art Museum Miami features a curated collection of the modern-age and ancient artwork of the forgone ages and artists. Located in Miami, Florida, United States, Perez Art Museum has been home to late and early artworks since 1984. Perez Art Museum Miami wildly exhibits the concept of freedom, war, love, hatred, peace and a lot dilemma of generations that may have gone or yet have to come, through the inner eyes of world class artists and curators. Artwork at Perez Art Museum Miami may question every concept of the human race, but it is a beauty that meets the eyes and makes your jaw drop in awe.

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