Feb 27, 2018
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Best Daypacks For Hiking


Super-Light And Extra-Tough, Below Is Our Handpicked Selection Of The Top-Rated Packs For Single-Day Hiking Trips.

Unlike a multi-day backpacking trip, you don’t need to carry tents, sleeping bags, stoves and days’ worth of food on a single day hiking trip. But still you need to carry essentials e.g. your food for the day, water bottle, compass, first aid kit and so on. Daypacks for hiking not only keep your stuff organized, but also keeps it safe and secure.

There are hundreds of companies and brands like The North Face, Osprey, Kelty, Marmot and more in the United States that specialize in clothing, hiking shoes, backpacks and equipment made with specific needs of hikers in mind. That’s a good thing. However, sometimes, a huge variety of options makes it difficult to decide which option to choose and which one to reject.

After a careful research on the entire collection of Daypacks from at least twenty leading brands, we have selected the best options for men, women and kids to share with you on this page. All of these daypacks are well-made, extremely lightweight, durable and very easy to carry.

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Best Daypacks For Men

1. Deuter ACT Trail 30 Pack

Deuter ACT Trail 30 Pack Review

ACT Trail 30 backpack from Deuter is designed exclusively for men as a versatile, lightweight and clean daypack. A long fun packed hiking day with ACT Trail 30 will definitely keep you fresh with all the gear and necessities you’ve stashed. Let’s take a look over some of the key features that make this backpack a great option for day hikes and overnight getaways.

Premium polyamide and polyester fabric of the main body defines the robustness and durability you need. Deuter has also used Signature Aircontact, a multipurpose system that keeps the load close to the body and at the center of gravity which gives you stability, especially when you are on an uneven, off-road terrain.

Furthermore, Aircontact cushions in the backpanel of ACT Trail 30 provide effective ventilation to avoid sweaty back. Delrin® U Frame delivers absolute tension which in turn adds more stability with little extra weight.

Sternum straps lets you hold the backpack conveniently on your shoulders. This daypack has 4 exterior pockets to that not only secure your frequently needed items, but also give you easy access whenever you need them.

Finally, ACT Trail 30 has a 3L compatible hydration system, a fold away hipbelt and lots of lightweight comfort to keep you happy on the trail.

  • List Price: 130.00

2. Gregory Stout 35 Pack

Gregory Stout 35 Pack Review

Lightweight yet spacious, Stout 35 is another highly recommended backpack for men for single-day hiking trips. Below is a quick review of Stout 35 Pack by Gregory.

TrailFlex Wishbone suspension system delivers a strong yet convenient hold on the load keeping your body close to the pack. Top-loading design gives easy storage while a bottom U-zip opening panels for quick access. A TrailFit adjustable hipbelt fits comfortably while adding zipped pockets. Additionally, the backpack is equipped with water bottle/accessory pocket on sides while an underside security zip pocket gives storage for valuable items. Compression straps on the sides ensures load streamlining so you move in perfect balance.

Moreover, Stout 35 has loops on the sides to attach ice axe, trek poles and tools keeping you on the go with flexibility.

  • List Price: 149.00

3. REI Co-op Trail 40 Pack For Men

REI Co-op Trail 40 Pack Review

Trail 40 is put together by REI Co-Op with its construction based to fit male structure well. Go on a long hiking day or simply follow a trail with friends, Trail 40 daypack is comfortable, and clean with a big load capacity.

The material of the main body is sturdy nylon which is robust and durable to withstand the tear. A spring steel frame helps the backpack to conform to the body structure giving you stability and support.

Padded mesh covering in the backpanel, shoulder straps and belt gives comfortability and reduces pressure while ensuring ventilation that keeps you cool.

Raincover stows have its own zipped storage. The main compartment has a mesh side pocket for storing valuable items. A back pocket with its own foam compression system adds to the over storage capability. Additional pockets include side mesh pockets with elastic closure, outer pocket for phone and sunglasses and a hydration sleeve for fluid needs.

Trail 40 Pack also holds special fasteners at the back to hold trekking poles, ice-axes and other tools making your gear. This daypack is easy to carry and keeps you organized as you step out on the trail.

  • List Price: 109.00

4. Osprey Manta AG 36 Hydration Pack

Osprey Manta AG 36 Hydration Pack Review

Manta AG 36 by Osprey is compact and lightweight backpack that is another ideal solution giving you unmatched support when your hikes are a day long.

High Tenacity nylon, the main material used to make Manta AG36 is exceptionally durable and delivers resilience to tear. The Anti-Gravity suspension system gives a perfect fit, unparalleled support and equilibrium.

LightWire™ frame ensures additional support so you can move without worrying about the load.  BioStretch™ shoulder harness keeps your shoulder comfortable by reducing the exerted pressure, while AG™ hipbelt wraps around snugly while evening the load streamlining you towards your goal.

A front zip panel provides easy access to the main compartment. A fabric shove-it pocket and large front mesh pocket adds more storage space. Stretch mesh side pockets offer storage for water bottles and quick fetch accessories.

Manta AG 36 also has helmet attaching loop with Stow-on-the-Go™ attachment for trekking poles and ice axe. A Hydraulics™ LT 2.5L reservoir built in this daypack tends to your hydration needs as well.

  • List Price: 175.00

5. Kelty Redwing 50 Pack

Kelty Redwing 50 Pack Review

Redwing 50 by Kelty is the most spacious and highly affordable daypack for men on this page. The additional gear capacity in this backpack makes it a great option to accommodate extra stuff that you need to carry for an overnight getaway.

Aluminum HDPE frame with Small back Stafford fabric main body delivers a light, rugged and durable construction keeping it alive for a longer time. PerfectFIT™ suspension system follows the contours of your body keeping the load close to body and at the center of gravity for maximum support and stability.

U-zipper design works as a top loader and a panel loader which gives easy access to your gear. The inner compartment offers significant pocket for maps, electronics and other essential necessities.

LightBeam™ backpanel provides superior ventilation keeping you on the go with ease. Side compressional straps streamlines the load keeping you in balance.

Additional features in this daypack include water bottle pockets, dual laptop / hydration sleeve and attachment loops for ice axe and trekking poles.

  • List Price: 139.95

Best Daypacks For Women

1. The North Face Aleia 22U Pack

The North Face Aleia 22U Pack Review

Aleia 22U from The North Face is essentially designed as a perfect fit for women. Aleia 22U daypack offers a versatile, compact yet a convenient storage that shapes with the structure in your long day hikes.

The overall construction is lightweight and durable keeping you on the go for long. NextVent™ system in the backpanel regulates the airflow delivering ventilation. A large zipper gives easy access to the main compartment. Internal security pockets keep your important stuff secure and safe inside. The comfortable hipbelt wraps around adding up more storage space with zipped pockets.

Aleia 22U also has an external pocket for frequently used items, a hydration sleeve to keep you hydrated and two tool keepers for gear attachment.

2. CamelBak Helena 20 Hydration Pack

CamelBak Helena 20 Hydration Pack Review

Helena 20 by Camelbak is a reliable daypack that is exclusively crafted for women. Winter hikes with little mountaineering and scrambling to day hikes on a trail, Helena 20 daypack is exceptionally lightweight and won’t let you down.

The women specific bulid of this backpack includes an S-curved harness that takes the shape of the structure while delivering stability and snug fit. The Airmesh backpanel gives absolute ventilation as you move through the path. The main compartment is spacious enough to handle the load stuffed into it. The hipbelt is comfortable and fits around the waist evenly distributing the load so you go extra mile without interruption.

Additional features in Helena 20 Pack include plenty of exterior pockets that adds to the storage capabilities while attachment points let you hold trekking poles, ice axe and tools with ease.

  • List Price: 100.00

3. Osprey Sirrus 24 Pack For Women

Osprey Women's Sirrus 24 Pack Review

Sirrus 24 by Osprey is crafted considering the women posture for better support and balance. Sirrus 24 daypack is definitely a lightweight player which effectively teams up with you on your long day hikes and light off-trail adventures.

Essential main body is composed of premium nylon fabric that is robust and durable when it comes to endurance to tear. AIRSPEED™ suspension system gives a perfect fit with stability while delivering ventilation in the backpanel ensuring you keep yourself on the move without a sweaty back.

A seamless hipbelt absolutely divides the downward force of the load preventing it to weigh you down as you traverse. An integrated raincover resides in its own zipped pocket for a hassle-free experience when there are clouds on the sky.

Sirrus 24 also offers plenty of essential external and a large front facing pocket adding up to the overall storage capacity of the backpack. Side compressional straps streamlines the load factor letting you feel like a feather.

  • List Price: 180.00

4. Deuter ACT Trail Pro 32 SL Pack

Deuter ACT Trail Pro 32 SL Pack Review

ACT Trail pro by Deuter is another high-quality daypack for women. With ACT Trail Pro 32 and its effortlessly compact outline, your day long hikes and cold overnighters won’t be so difficult to cope with.

Polyester and polyamide combination gives the main body robustness and durability to handle the wear and tear. Aircontact Trail system ensures a close fit. An open-cell backpanel regulates airflow for ventilation while giving a comfortable support on the back. The spring steel frame of the bag makes it lighter. The main compartment is accessed through a large front opening giving you easy access to your gear. Internal pockets for valuable items are another plus built in this backpack. Sternum straps reduces load pressure ensuring your shoulders stay serene as you move. Additional side pockets add more storage for your necessities such as snacks water bottles and small gear.

Moreover, a padded hip belt wraps around the waist while keeping the load evenly distributed giving you equilibrium and stability. Another notable feature built in this backpack is 3L capable hydration system which tends to sudden fluid supplement during your journey.

  • List Price: 160.00

5. Gregory Maya 10 Pack

Gregory Maya 10 Pack Review

Maya 10 by Gregory proves to be true companion exclusively built for women. Take this daypack on a biking trip, long day hikes or even on long-distance winter trails, Maya 10 is capable, lightweight and ready for action.

BioSync Suspension system hugs the body and fits according to the structure giving you the perfect balance you need. The main compartment has a large zippered closure with internal mesh pockets for gear organization. The side pocket and a large front stretch pocket with bungee closure adds more storage capacity in the backpack. Compressional straps on the sides keeps the load tight reducing the overall weight as you move. A hipbelt with quick access pockets ensures your frequently used items are not far away from you.

An internal hydration sleeve with external access caters to your hydration needs on the go. Additional features of Maya 10 include a low-profile safety lash and a shoulder loop for keeping your sunglasses scratch-less.

  • List Price: 85.95

Best Daypacks For Kids

1. REI Co-op Tarn 18 Pack

REI Co-op Tarn 18 Pack Review

Tarn 18 daypack is designed by REI Co-Op keeping in mind the needs, wants and capabilities of the little ones. Your kids and Tarn 18 can definitely be the best companions as they go for a long day hike with their friends.

The kids’ specific design is frameless and extremely lightweight. Large main zippered compartment is big enough for storing many necessities. The inner pockets in the main compartment is suitable for storing more valuable items.

Padded shoulder straps keeps your kids comfortable as they move with the load reducing the pressure on their little shoulders. Additional side pockets for storing water bottles while a large mesh pocket on the front can hold the jacket in with ease.

More features of Tarn 18 daypack include a padded hipbelt which fits and delivers more stability and support. Side compressional straps are also a part of this backpack that keeps the load intact and even so your kid never losses the balance.

  • List Price: 39.95

2. Osprey Jet 18 Pack

Osprey Jet 18 Pack Review

Jet 18 is another top-rated daypack for kids by Osprey. With Jet 18 on their side, they can surely express themselves on their day long hikes which can sometimes include overnighters when you are with them.

Premium nylon main body is durable and forms a robust construction keeping it safe from tear. The top lid provides easy access to the main compartment. The lid is equipped with zippered pockets on the upper and lower side giving more space. Internal pockets are also included so your kids can keep their important stuff safe and sound. There are external zipped pockets for sundries too while dual side stretch pockets can let them store their water bottles close to them.

More features Osprey Jet 18 Pack include a large front pocket and an external reservoir sleeve which makes refilling easy.

  • List Price: 60.00

3. CamelBak Scout Hydration Pack

CamelBak Scout Hydration Pack Review

Scout Hydration daypack from Camelbak is designed as an essentially smart daypack for your kids. Scout’s compact designed is fully compatible with full-featured hiking trips and your kids will definitely enjoy their long day.

The lightweight construction offers a perfect fit with short torso length so your kid gets the maximum support. The backpanel is breathable and wicks moisture away as your kid moves towards the goal. A Crux reservoir with its ergonomic design keeps him hydrated throughout his journey with its quick refilling ease.

The sternum straps keep the backpack snug with the back reducing the weight of the load. The main compartment is big enough to store various necessities with organization.

Moreover, additional side pockets, a transparent front pocket and reflective accent build to ensure visibility in low light. Currently, Scout Hydration is available at a discounted outlay for a limited time only.

  • List Price: 45.00

4. Deuter Schmusebar Pack For Kids

Deuter Schmusebar Pack For Kids Review

Schmusebar is made by Deuter for the small ones keeping their needs and strength in consideration. Whether a walk in the city or a little hike day with parents, this daypack is lightweight and keeps your kids fresh.

Deuter-Super-Polytex makes the essential and compact main body of the backpack which is durable and keeps going for a long time. A breathable foam regulates the airflow for ventilation while delivering unmatched comfortability.

The sternum straps ensure the pressure on the shoulder is evenly distributed so your kid stay sharp and ready to go extra mile. Additional side pockets add up to the storage capacity of the backpack making it a great choice when you need a smart, light, small and yet spacious solution for your kids.

  • List Price: 40.00

5. Kelty Sanitas 34 Pack

Kelty Sanitas 34 Pack Review

Sanitas 34 is a great dayback by Kelty for juniors. Sanitas 34 is a strong, durable and a lightweight choice for your kids when they are going for a long-distance trek or a long hiking overnighter.

Aluminum frame with polyester and ripstop fabric keeps the major structure light and robust with stability. The adjustable suspension adopts to the body form of your kids keeping them charged and ready giving them maximum support.

The top-loading feature adds ease for quick loading. A large front pocket and zippered side pockets adds more space to store stuff in the backpack. Moreover, padded shoulder straps reduce pressure and keep your shoulder comfortable.

Sternum straps snugly fits the backpack with all its load close to the body so your growing hiker feels absolute agility. A foam hipbelt wraps around evenly distributing the force of the load giving more balance and equilibrium.

Another additional feature is the reservoir sleeve that makes this backpack a complete solution for your kid’s adventure.

  • List Price: 119.95

Best Backpacks For Single Day Hiking Trips – Unisex

1. Osprey Talon 33 Pack

Osprey Talon 33 Pack Review

Talon 33 by Osprey is designed to face the challenges you face on a day-long backcountry trips. Take this daypack with you and it’ll make sure that you stay ahead.

The simple looking nylon body is durable and robust to handle the wear and tear. AirScape™ system in the backpanel manipulates airflow in the back while delivering ventilation and keeping the load intact with your back.

BioStretch™ hipbelt wraps around your body giving you more stability and support as you move.  InsideOut™ compression straps keep the load streamlined maintaining the prefect balance for agility. A large compartment with zippered lid keeps your gear safe and sound inside.

More features of Talon 33 include side mesh pockets for more storage and large stretch mesh front panel pocket adding to storage capabilities. An external hydration sleeve and Stow-on-the-Go™ attachments for ice axe and trekking poles are also a part of this single-day hiking pack.

  • List Price: 140.00

2. CamelBak Cloud Walker 18 Hydration Pack – 2.5 Liters

CamelBak Cloud Walker 18 Hydration Pack Review

Cloud walker 18 by Camelback is designed to ensure you get the best out of your light backcountry adventures. Whether biking or long overnight hikes, Cloud walker is light and durable enough to carry your load keeping you determined towards your goal.

This daypack features a large inner compartment for storage which is roomy enough to hold your gear. Internal essential pockets keep your stuff organized whether its your lunch or a valuable item you can’t afford to lose. The Cruz reservoir technology with its ergonomic design keeps you hydrated and gives you ease for refilling.

The breathable Airmesh backpanel ensures ventilation so you stay comfortable, fresh and on the move. A large front pocket adds to the overall storage capability of this daypack.

Additional features of the Cloud Walker 18 include padded shoulder straps for reducing pressure on shoulders and compressional straps for keeping the load streamlined.

  • List Price: 85.00

3. Gregory Patos 28 Pack

Gregory Patos 28 Pack Review

Patos 28 is by Gregory is a part of Grandeur series making this daypack a reliable choice. Take Patos 28 on your day hikes, keep it on your back when biking or traversing on a trek, this backpack is strong and lightweight to keep you on the go.

The construction is reinforced and bar-tacked which adds durability to the backpack so you stay on your track longer than anyone else. The main compartment holds a 15” laptop sleeve, a tablet sleeve, a mobile phone sleeve and 4 pencil slots to keep your stuff organized and ready.

Stretchable knit pockets on both sides add space for water bottles and other frequently used gear for quick access. Pockets are designed to accommodate small safety lights when bicycle commuting.

More features include an interior stash pocket with key clips to keep your valuables safe and sound. This daypack is also equipped with loops to attach trekking poles on the go.

  • List Price: 99.00

4. The North Face Litus 22

The North Face Litus 22 Review

Litus 22 by The North Face is designed to meet your light backcountry needs keeping you ready for adventure. Litus 22 is strong, durable, and lightweight and proves to be a great companion when you know your hike will last a little more after the daylight.

The efficient frame with nylon fabric main body delivers a feathery feel when you have this backpack on you. Trampoline suspended backpanel follows the contours of the structure for a perfect fit while ensuring breathability and ventilation.

A deep zipper provides access to the main compartment. Security pockets reside in the main compartment which offers secure storage for your valuables. A comfortably fit hipbelt has pockets which adds up to the storage capabilities.

More features include a hydration sleeve, padded shoulder straps for reduced pressure and seven external pockets for extensive gear organization.

  • List Price: 99.95

5. Arc’teryx Index 15 Daypack

Arc'teryx Index 15 Daypack Review

Index 15 daypack by Arc’Teryx is versatile, compact yet holds enough space for your belongings. Index 15 with its ultralight construction is suitable for your quick day hikes or daily urban travel.

The major design is inspired by summit pack series giving this daypack the durability and stability it needs at your service. The top-loading construction gives access to main compartment which can hold your lunch and everyday necessities including useful gear for light backpacking. An internal hydration bladder can also secure a tablet computer. A large front pocket adds to the storage capability of the backpack.

Moreover, Index 15 is packed with eight external loops that can grab your water bottle and other necessary items for you with ease. The structure also features a handle which can be used to hang it up or grab and walk in the city.

  • List Price: 70.00

We hope this post has helped you find the perfect daypack for hiking. If you need more help, please leave a question in the comments section below.

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