Feb 19, 2018
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Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags


From Affordable Synthetic Bags To High-Quality Down Sleeping Bags, Below Is Our Handpicked Selection Of Warm, Waterproof, Lightweight & Compressible Sleeping Bags For Backpacking Trips.

In addition to your high-quality shelter (and your tentmates), sleeping bag is another equally important thing that needs to be selected carefully. Sleeping bags for backpacking trips come under different categories and types. But one thing that is common between all of them is, they are designed to be lightweight and compressible. The objective of this post is to help our readers find the best backpacking sleeping bags.

For this post, we have carefully researched the entire collection of sleeping bags by at least twenty leading brands including NEMO, Marmot, The North Face, Big Agnes and Kelty. For various reasons, we personally prefer down sleeping bags over synthetic ones. However, we have also included a couple of top-rated synthetic sleeping bags in this post for those of you who are searching for a more affordable option.

On a backpacking trip, a nice sleeping bag not only keeps you warm & comfortable, but also ensures you have a good night’s sleep to restore energy for next day’s adventures. At the end of this post, we have also included some very useful tips on how to evaluate backpacking sleeping bags and decide which one is the best option for you.

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Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags For Men

1. NEMO Men’s Riff 15 Sleeping Bag

NEMO Men's Riff 15 Sleeping Bag

Riff 15 by NEMO is our top-pick for men for backing trips during spring, summer and fall. With Riff 15 on your side, you can get comfortable in no time in your 3-season backcountry adventures.

The anatomical construction is Spoon™ technology which intelligently shapes the body structure while giving extra room for elbows and knees. Riff 15 features Nikwax Hydrophobic Down™ insulation that ensures water resistance so you stay dry inside your sleeping bag. Another notable feature is the breathable footbox that keeps the condensation minimum.

Riff 15 is Responsible Down Standard certified which is lightweight and easily sets up keeping you warm, cozy and fresh at a reasonable price.

  • List Price: 399.95

2. Big Agnes Men’s Summit Park 15 Down Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes Men's Summit Park 15 Down Sleeping Bag

Summit Park 15 for men by Big Agnes is a complete solution to backcountry sleeping needs.

The rectangular ripstop fabric shell is water repellent which is also lightweight. Double padded sleeve insulation and DownTek™ water repellent technology keeps you protected, warm and dry when you want to rest.

The 2-in-1 sleeping bag has zippers on each side for easy entry and when unzipped, can be used as a comforter. The free-range hood design can even let you lift your head up without restrictions. Moreover, there is a pillow barn that keeps the pillow tucked in at all times keeping you relax and easy.

Summit 15 sleeping bag with its quilt like design is fairly easy to wrap with its corner hand pockets while giving you a feel of a convenient backcountry bed.

  • List Price: 329.95

3. REI Co-op Igneo 25 Sleeping Bag For Men

REI Co-op Igneo 25 Sleeping Bag For Men

Igneo 25 by REI Co-Op is another good quality 3-season sleeping bag for men. It features multiple attributes that facilitate a warm and comfortable experience.

The outsides comprises of a mummy like shell made of ripstop nylon which is durable and robust. The sleeping bag is significantly equipped with waterproofing and breathability through effective insulation in the hood, sides and footbox. The sleeping bag fits following the contours of the body giving you maximum comfort with high thermal efficiency. It has an insulated face muffler as well to provide you a peaceful sleep in the chilly nights.

Additionally, Igneo 25 sleeping bag also has nylon stuff sack and a cotton bag for your quick storage needs.

  • List Price: 269.00

4. Marmot Men’s Sawtooth Down Sleeping Bag

Marmot Men's Sawtooth Down Sleeping Bag

Sawtooth down by Marmot is a mummy-shaped and one of the top-rated backpacking sleeping bags for men.

Ripstop nylon gives durability while keeping the weight minimal. The wrap around construction fits perfectly keeping the inner warmth trapped for comfortability. The anatomical footbox gives more room to the feet while keeping them serene.

650 Fill Power Down Defender water resistant insulation makes sure you stay dry in wet conditions. There is also a YKK two-way zipper that keeps the fabric snagging under control. You can also move and lift your head as Nautilus multi baffle hood makes sure you get enough head room.

Moreover, Sawtooth also has an internal stash pocket and a storage sack for your quick items. This sleeping bag is currently available at a discounted outlay for a limited time only.

  • List Price: 167.30

5. The North Face Furnace 20

The North Face Furnace 20

Furnace 20 by The North Face is a finest and lightweight mummy like 3-season sleeping bag for men.

The compact and compressive design with less tapered cut lets you easily fit inside. ProDown™ insulation makes sure no matter its cold or wet during your backcountry fun, you stay dry. Synthetic Heatseeker™ eco technology ensures the thermal efficiency and keeps the warmth trapped inside for you.

A vaulted footbox is also equipped in the bag keeping your feet rest well when you are tired of long run. More features of this sleeping bag include a hood that adds more warmth while a draft collar effectively prevents heat loss for added comfort and serenity.

  • List Price: 179.00

Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags For Women

1. Kelty Women’s Cosmic Down 20

Kelty Women's Cosmic Down 20

Cosmic Down 20 by Kelty is made for brave women who love to be outside even if it’s raining or snowing.

The versatile Cosmic 20 has a polyester rip stop shell which is durable and soft and stays strong for long. DriDown™ 600 Power fill treatment to the bag gives exceptional warmth keeping you comfortable. This feature also reduces moisture and gives quick drying abilities no matter its wet or cold.

The footbox equipped in the bag anatomically fits the feet keeping them serene. Lock yourself inside with a dual slide locking zipper giving a snug fit keeping you cozy for a peaceful sleep. There is also a thermal hood and drift collar that adds to the overall solace.

Additionally, a stuff sack is also included in this lightweight backpacking sleeping bag for quick storage needs. Durable, dry and warm, Kelty’s Cosmic 20 is a really smart and affordable choice.

  • List Price: 159.95

2. Big Agnes Roxy Ann 15

Big Agnes Roxy Ann 15

Roxy Ann 15 is a creative classic backpacking sleeping bag by Big Agnes for women.

The main ripstop fabric is itself water repellent and stays robust for a long time. The semi-rectangle Insotect Flow™ construction efficiently distributes heat throughout the bag keeping you comfortable. DownTek™ water repellent properties ensure effective insulation while being lightweight no matter you are hiking or mountaineering.

There is a tapered vaulted footbox too that fits around your feet keeping them serene. The sleeping bag is also equipped with a free-range hood that lets you move and lift your head without a hassle.

Additional features include a stretch fabric panel under the hood that works as a pillow and a zippered stash pocket for quick storage.

  • List Price: 249.95

3. Nemo Women’s Jam 15

Nemo Women's Jam 15

Nemo’s Jam 15 with its intelligent construction fits to the contours of the women structure while delivering lightweight comfort in their backcountry hikes to overnight mountaineering.

Spoon™ design of the sleeping bag gives enough room for your elbows and knees with a snug fit. Vertical baffling blanket Blanket Fold™ technology distributes the warmth evenly keeping you cozy through your sleep.

If you get too hot at night, unzip Thermo Gills™ and ingeniously drain some warm air out. Another notable feature is Nikwax Hydrophobic Down™ insulation which assures water resistance and keeps you dry in all conditions. A breathable and waterproof footbox is also there keeping your feet serene when you rest.

Moreover, Jam 15 has a thermal hood with an integrated pillow pocket below which lets you feel home when you know you want to sleep. A zippered stash pocket is also built for your quick storage needs.

  • List Price: 399.95

4. Sea to Summit Women’s Trek TK II

Sea to Summit Women's Trek TK II

Trek TK 2 by Sea to Summit is another fine-quality backpacking sleeping bag for women. Trek TK 2 gives women excellent warmth and is a great sleeping bag for 3 seasons.

The main construction is 2D PermaShell™ nylon which is treated for water resistance and wind proofing. No matter its spring or fall, Ultra-Dry Down™ fills the bag with effective insulation. This feature absorbs 30% less moisture while keeping you warm and cozy.

The footbox has a Thermolite® insulation which lends the extra warmth keeping the feet cozy. There is also an updated hood with 3-dimensional side walls giving more space while still keeping the inner temperature maintained.

Trek TK 2 has an internal security pocket that keeps your most valued belonging near to you at night. Moreover, for summer hikes, full-length side and foot zip allow the sleeping bag to transform into a summer comforter.

  • List Price: 319.00

5. REI Co-op Women’s Joule 21

REI Co-op Women's Joule 21

Joule 21 for women is designed by REI Co-op as a durable and lightweight mummy like sleeping bag for backcountry hikes and mountaineering even when it is cold.

The ripstop shell delivers performance fit with increased room especially at the hips area keeping the women’s body structure in consideration. This ripstop fabric is also treated for water repellent capabilities. Additional 700-fill-power duck down insulation adds a significant increase in the warmth so you get a peaceful sleep.

Vertical baffles in the sidewalls wraps around the body which also regulates the inner temperature. There is a contoured hood with insulated face muffler and full-length draft tubes that further keeps the heat trapped in for added solace.

  • List Price: 299.00

Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags For Kids

1. Marmot Kid’s Trestles 30

Marmot Kid's Trestles 30 Sleeping Bag

The durable polyester fabric sleeping bag delivers a perfect fit for under 5 feet tall keeping them safe and dry inside. The inner of Trestles 30 is insulated with Spirafil High Loft Insulation which keeps the little ones warm and cozy inside as they enjoy their sleep.

A trapezoidal footbox assures their little feet stay serene with enough room for a little movement. There is also 3D hood with a Velcro®-free face muffler that fits on their head and add to the overall warmth during their rest.

Additional features include an YKK two way zipper that locks them inside the sleeping bag and a stash pocket for storing their little valuable treasure. The insulated and dry sleeping bag is available with all necessary features in a quite affordable outlay.

  • List Price: 79.00

2. The North Face Youth Aleutian 20/-7

The North Face Youth Aleutian 20/-7

Youth Aleutian 20/7 by The North Face is exclusively crafted for kids to accompany them on their backcountry trips.

The ripstop nylon fabric gives it unmatched durability while keeping your little kid protected inside. The mummy like design is comfy and fits perfectly in accordance with the little one’s structure.  Heatseeker™ Eco thermal insulation keeps the warmth effectively trapped within the sleeping bag letting your kid enjoy the peaceful sleep. There is also a short side zipper which adds to the overall serenity of the sleeping bag.

Youth Aleutian is essentially a hooded, three-season and lightweight backpacking sleeping bag with tapered youth sized cuts making it a great option for your little one’s adventure.

  • List Price: 99.00

3. Mountain Hardwear Bozeman™ Adjustable Sleeping Bag

Mountain Hardwear Bozeman™ Adjustable Sleeping Bag

Bozeman is an ingenious sleeping bag from Mountain Hardware which grows as your child grows while exploring the outdoors.

Mummy cut shape is composed of 75D plain weave fabric which offers durable lightweight protection for your little one. Thermal.Q™ 120 g/m² is built in the bag delivers effective insulation keeping the warmth trapped within for superior comfort. A draw cord system is used to increase or decrease the overall length of the sleeping bag making it a reliable companion. There is an insulated draft tube as well which eliminates cold spots along the zipper adding more solace. Bozeman also offers a hood with a face gasket that keeps the heat trapped even when the hood is open.

The lightweight sleeping bag is a smart choice at a reasonable price for a protected and comfortable experience.

  • List Price: 99.00

4. Big Agnes Little Red 15

Big Agnes Little Red 15 Review

Little Red 15 sleeping bag incorporates the signature technical features from Big Agnes which keeps your kid ready for their backpacking adventure, hikes and treks.

Cozy M4 synthetic insulation gives this sleeping bag the superior warmth keeping your child cozy and comfortable. The ripstop nylon construction is durable and lightweight that ensures the safety of your child. An integrated pad sleeve is built in this bag which prevents your little one to slide-off at night. The mummy like shape with sculpted contours outlines the body structure of your kid giving a perfect fit with adding solace and increasing insulation performance. Another additional feature is a thermal hood that shapes around your little one’s head while assuring the heat stays inside.

Big Agnes Little Red is a smart choice for a comfortable performance at an affordable outlay.

  • List Price: 69.95

5. REI Co-op Kid’s Lumen Sleeping Bag

REI Co-op Kid's Lumen Sleeping Bag Review

Lumen by REI Co-op is a durable and lightweight sleeping bag crafted only for kids who love backpacking and exploring the outdoors.

Ripstop nylon shell is soft and abrasion resistant which withstands wear and tear. Mummy like shingle construction is layered which effectively distributes the warmth and eliminates cold spots. The even, compressible and synthetic polyester insulation delivers absolute thermal retention for sleeping comfort. The footbox is also insulted so the small feet get the rest they deserve. A full-length zipper with draft tube helps to keep the heat trapped inside.

Additional features include a contoured hood and an insulated face muffler that ensures your kid stay safe in the cold.

  • List Price: 119.00

Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags For Couples – Two Persons

1. The North Face Dolomite Double 20/-7

The North Face Dolomite Double 20/-7 Review

Dolomite Double sleeping bag is designed by The North Face to let you and your partner sleep well at night during your backpacking trips.

Two-person twenty-degree bag is composed of ripstop nylon fabric which is durable and robust keeping you protected in 3-season adventure. For warmth and comfortability, Heatseeker™ Eco insulation is equipped in this double sleeping bag keeping you and your partner enjoy a serene rest. The tapered rectangular construction gives a great fit while ensuring enough room for you and your mate. A wraparound footbox zipper keeps the feet safe while keeping the warmth trapped inside.

Additionally, the full-length zipper on each side enables the bag to open up completely and it can then be used as a large, insulated campground blanket.

  • List Price: 169.00

2. Marmot Mavericks Double Wide 30

Marmot Mavericks Double Wide 30 Review

The 100% polyester forms a lightweight rectangular construction which is durable and robust when it comes to tear protection. There is a brushed lining in chest and footbox that ensures breathability. This Sleeping Bag is insulated with Spirafil high loft insulation for superior warmth and comfort letting you and your partner enjoy a peaceful sleep. The sleeping bag is also equipped with anatomical footbox that keeps the feet serene as you enjoy the journey of dreams even when it is cold.

Additionally, the main zipper wraps the sleeping bag around you and your partner’s body and can also be full opened to use as a campground blanket.

  • List Price: 199.00

3. Big Agnes Big Creek 30 Double Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes Big Creek 30 Double Sleeping Bag Review

Big Creek 30 sleeping bag is designed by Big Agnes to keep you and your partner closer even during the nights of your multi-day backpacking trips.

The softer shell is ripstop nylon that is durable and keeps the sleeping bag protected against wear and tear. Hotstream® insulation delivers unparalleled warmth and comfortability and you can even cuddle with your partner in a long fine cold night.

The double zipper on sides ensure easy entry in the sleeping bag. Moreover, Free-Range hood design gives you and your partner significant headroom for movement and lifting. There is also a pillow barn which keeps the pillow perfectly tucked in for a comfortable sleep.

  • List Price: 249.95

4. NEMO Tango Duo Slim Sleeping Bag and Slipcover Combo

NEMO Tango Duo Slim Sleeping Bag and Slipcover Combo Review

Tango Duo slim sleeping bag is made by NEMO so that you and your partner stay close in your backcountry hikes to overnight wood camping.

Tango is constructed using box baffles, a high-loft, thermally efficient two-way baffle system which eliminates any cold spot keeping you and your partner warm and comfortable. The backless design significantly reduces the weight which houses 20” pads adding more solace. The further 700-fill down insulation delivers high-loft warmth while you enjoy a peaceful sleep with your partner.

An additional DownTek™ water repellent insulation assures dryness maintaining the overall thermal efficiency in wet conditions. This sleeping bag is also equipped with a waterproof and breathable footbox that keeps the feet serene while you rest.

Tango Duo slim is a perfect backcountry bed for cuddling which even offers two Fillo pillows making you feel home.

  • List Price: 329.95

5. ALPS Mountaineering Double Wide Sleeping Bag

ALPS Mountaineering Double Wide Sleeping Bag Review

ALPS mountaineering Double Wide sleeping bag is just the right option for a romantic backpacking trip or an overnight getaway with your partner.

The nylon and polyester shell is durable and strong enough to withstand tear while keeping you and your partner protected. The sleeping bag is spacious and holds enough room for a little rough cuddle with rollovers. A synthetic insulation layer delivers warmth and comfortability while you enjoy a peaceful dreamy sleep with your love.

Additionally, this sleeping bag has both side zippers to allow both side entries so you don’t have to climb over your partner. Currently, ALPS mountaineering is available at a discounted price for a limited time only.

  • List Price: 119.99

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