Feb 19, 2018
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Best Backpacking Packs


From Overnight & Weekend Getaways To Extended Hiking Trips, Below Are The Year’s Most Innovative And Thoughtfully Designed Backpacks For Maximum Comfort & Perfect Organization Without Compromising On Style!

Backpacking Packs obviously have more space than daypacks to accommodate the extra stuff e.g. your tent, sleeping bags, extra shoes and additional amount of food that you need for a multi-day hiking trip. But it is equally important to make sure that the backpack you are going to select is equipped with necessary features, is durable enough to handle long trips and is comfortable enough for an all-day hike without the need for a back massage.

In this post, we are going to share the year’s best backpacking backpacks for men, women and kids. All of these thoughtfully designed backpacks are not only very lightweight but are also made using finest materials. Some of our recommended backpacks may seem a bit expensive, but we assure you, all of these handpicked pieces definitely worth the extra money!

At the end of this post, we have also shared some very useful tips on how to evaluate backpacking packs and find the perfect and most comfortable option that offers the best organizational features without compromising on style.

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Best Backpacking Packs For Men

1. REI Co-op Flash 45L Pack

REI Co-op Flash 45 Pack For Men's Review

420-denier ripstop, the main material used to make Flash 45 Pack is the same fabric that was originally developed for the military for use in parachute backpacks. 420-denier is not only lightweight and smooth, but it also doesn’t get easily punctured or abraded.

Flash 45 Pack features a stainless steel internal frame that is designed to keep hikers stable on uneven, off-trail terrain. This also makes this backpack easier to maneuver with. Moreover, the combination of a lightweight but very strong internal frame and 420-denier ripstop fabric gives Flash 45 an exceptional durability and makes it strong enough to handle years of abuse.

Like most high-end and modern backpacking packs, Flash 45 is also jam-packed with cool (and very useful) features that include an adjustable torso, a 3D contoured hipbelt, plenty of external pockets and attachment loops to give you easy access to your water bottle, ice axes, tools and other frequently needed items.

Flash 45 Pack weighs only 2lbs against a gear capacity of 2746 cubic inches that costs you just $0.05 per cubic inch. In other words, this option is a balanced combination of quality and affordability and that’s why it is our top recommended backpacking pack for men.

  • List Price: 149.00
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2. Arc’teryx Bora AR 50L

Arc'teryx Bora AR 50 Review

Bora AR 50 is one of our personal favorites in the entire collection of backpacking packs for technical hiking and multi-day trekking by Arc’teryx. Rainstop Nylon is the main material used to produce this backpack. This waterproof fabric is woven using special reinforcing techniques to make it highly resistant to tearing and ripping.

Unlike Flash 45 by REI Co-op, the internal frame of Bora AR 50 is made using Aluminum. That’s okay, but steel is harder and stronger than aluminum and is less likely to wrap, deform or bend.

The total gear capacity of Bora AR 50 is almost 3050 cubic inches that is sufficient for most people for a multi-day backpacking trip. Other features include a ventilated back panel, a large outer pocket at the front, side pockets to hold water bottle and trekking poles and loops to hold 2 ice axes and tools.

Bora AR 50 is a bit expensive, but a well-made and stylish backpacking pack for men. Most customers (and frequent hikers) have given this product a 5-star rating.

  • List Price: 499.00

3. Osprey Atmos AG 65 Pack For Men

Osprey Atmos AG 65 Pack For Men's Review

Atmos AG 65 for men by Osprey is unquestionably one of the best-fitting, most ventilated and unbelievably comfortable backpacking packs. Atmos AG 65 weighs almost 4lbs against an approximate storage capacity of 3780 cubic inches. This backpack is recommended for men who are planning to go on a backpacking trip for up to one week or more in duration.

The main material used to make this backpack is high-tenacity nylon fabric combined with a LightWire internal frame. Atmos AG also features Osprey’s award-winning anti-gravity technology.

Other noticeable features of this hydration compatible and spacious backpack include a suspended mesh back to prevent sweaty back, a floating top lid with 2 zippered pockets and a zippered sleeping bag compartment at the bottom. Overall, Atmos AG 65 offers good value for money.

  • List Price: 270.00

4. Gregory Baltoro 75 Backpacking Pack

Gregory Baltoro 75 Backpacking Pack Review

Baltoro 75 for men by Gregory is an ideal backpacking pack for men for extended trail trips in all seasons. Like Atmos AG 65, this backpack also weighs almost 4lbs, but gives you more gear capacity, that is 4394 cubic inches.

The main material used to make Baltoro 75 is nylon. Like Bora AR 50 Pack, the internal frame of this backpack is also made with aluminum.

Other features of this heavy-duty backpack include a rain cover, a removable daypack, a sleeping bag compartment and a total of 9 exterior pockets including two water-resistant pockets on the hip to securely hold your mobile phones, camera and other sensitive items.

  • List Price: 223.97

5. Kelty Coyote 80 Pack

Kelty Coyote 80 Pack Review

Coyote 80 is The Most Affordable & Spacious Backpack For Men On This Page.

Coyote 80 by Kelty is the cheapest and most spacious backpacking pack for men on this page. This option weighs 5lbs, giving you a total capacity of 4900 cubic inches that costs $0.04 per cubic inch.

The main material used to make this huge backpack is 420-denier polyester, combined with an aluminum + HDPE internal frame. Like Baltoro 75 and Atmos AG 65, Coyote 80 also has a sleeping bag compartment and a removable daypack. Other features of this top-loading backpack include a ventilated mesh back panel, side compression straps, dual pickup handles, 2 hideaway ice axe loops and a total of 7 external pockets.

Coyote 80 by Kelty is not as durable as other backpacking packs for men on this page. However, if you are looking for a load hauler for extended backcountry trips on a budget, Coyote 80 is not a bad option.

  • List Price: 199.95

Best Backpacking Packs For Women

1. Deuter Aircontact Lite 45 + 10 SL

Deuter Aircontact Lite 45 + 10 SL Review

Aircontact Lite 45 by Deuter is a top-rated backpacking backpack for multi-day trips that is exclusively designed for women. Aircontact Lite 45 is a lightweight and durable backpack when it comes to hiking, trekking and alpine climbs.

The x-frame construction is strong and feathery which provides spacious storage while reducing weight. Aircontact Lite system has open-cell functional foam in the backpanel which gives breathability and a perfect fit. ECL hip fins adopt and adjust to the hips while ensuring stability and firm hold of the load. Vari Quick adjustment system provides custom length adjustments depending on the length of your body. Adjustable lid gives more space with various heights. Hydration bladder resides in the H2O pocket with an opening for the drinking tube keeping you hydrated on the go. Additional options include bottom compartment, a detachable lid and loops for attaching hiking poles and axe and load adjustment straps streamlining the load for perfect balance.

Aircontact Lite 45 keeps you on the lead with its sophisticated outline and coverage delivering exceptional comfort and ventilation.

  • List Price: 189.00

2. Gregory Jade 38 Pack For Women

Gregory Jade 38 Pack For Women's Review

Jade 38 backpack by Gregory is a multiday backpack which is designed for women keeping feminine structure in consideration. From warm weather trips to long and cold desert overnights, Jade 38 is packed with ultra-light durability and comfort.

CrossFlo suspension built in the construction ensures durability and adaptation to the movement as you traverse forward. The top lid is equipped with a zipper that keeps your belongings safe and sound. Lumbar foam layer in the back panel ensures comfort while you carry the load with ease. Dual density hipbelt with quick access waist belt pockets fits perfectly providing quick storage. Dual-density shoulder harness foam adds to the supportability. Cross-over side compression straps evenly wraps the load streamlining it for agility. Moreover, Jade 38 also includes two external water bottle pockets, front bucket pockets for frequently used gear storage and hideaway loops for trek poles and axe attachment.

This backpacking backpack is equipped with intelligent features that ensure you never miss a beat in your backcountry adventures.

  • List Price: 179.00

3. Osprey Aura AG 65 Pack

Osprey Aura AG 65 Pack Review

Aura AG 65 backpack is designed by Osprey catering to women’s backpacking needs. It is equipped with the latest technologies to accompany you in long backpacking trips to warm-weather treks.

AntiGravity™ suspension build extends from backpanel to hipbelt providing maximum support. This also adds breathability in the backpanel for unmatched comfort and ventilation. The overall structure confidently matches the contours of the women body for perfect fit. FLAPJACKET™ technology lets you reduce weight with a removable lid. Stretch mesh front pockets with dual zipped front pane pockets gives ample space for gear storage. Additionally, Stow-on-the-Go™ loops offers easy attachment of trek poles and axe while you stay hassle free.

Aura AG 65 is remarkably packed with ingenuity for traditional backpacking trips whether you go solo or with your team mates.

  • List Price: 270.00

4. Granite Gear Crown V.C. 60 KI Backpack

Granite Gear Crown V.C. 60 KI Backpack Review

Crown V.C. 60 is created by Granite Gear as a strong, lightweight and durable backpack exclusively designed for women. This multiday backpack ensures your get the best comfortable experience whether on a trail or spending a cold night in the desert.

Rip-stop, Cordura nylon and stretch mesh fabric combines to form the sturdy body of the pack. Vapor Current Suspension technology delivers strength while keeping the weight reduced for stable and balanced movement. Hydration port and internal hydration sleeves ensures your fluid needs are fulfilled on the go. Large sides and stretch pockets gives ample storage space for your gear with easy access. The strap wraps keeps the load evenly distributed throughout assuring smoothness and equilibrium during your quest.

Crown V.C. comes with a custom LineLoc lid which adds more protection to your belongings while you flex yourself to lead.

  • List Price: 199.95

5. Kelty Women’s Coyote 70 Backpacking Backpack

Kelty Women's Coyote 70 Backpacking Backpack Review

Coyote 70 is designed by Kelty offering women their build specific backpack for extended trips in the backcountry. Take coyote for the winter treks or spend more than a few cold nights, this backpack is lightweight, strong and a reliable choice.

Aluminum and HDPE frame delivers durability keeping the overall weight reduced. PerfectFIT™ suspension technology enables the backpack to adapt to the body structure for a perfect fit. Lumbar support in the backpanel offers support so you take on the load with ease. Ventilating spacers are also equipped in the backpanel ensuring breathability. A large front pocket gives ample space for gear organization. Additional zippered side pockets add up to the overall storage capacity of the backpack. Load lifter straps and side compression straps keeps the load to evenly distribute throughout the backpack aiding to reduce weight.

More features of the Coyote 70 include two hideaway loops for attaching ice axe, a hydration sleeve with various hooks and a strong waist buckle for keeping the load altogether.

  • List Price: 199.95

Best Backpacking Packs For Kids

1. The North Face Youth Sprout Backpack

The North Face Youth Sprout Backpack Review

Youth Sprout backpack by The North Face is exclusively designed to cater to the needs of the little ones.  Let your small world enjoy the fun packed adventure while Youth sprout accompanies him wherever he moves.

Polyester fabric forms the reflective body of the backpack. The main compartment holds ample space for plenty of storage. Additional zippered pockets are just the right options for your little one to keep their treasure safe and sound. A stitched foam backpanel reduces the load factor while ensuring comfortability. The backpack is also equipped with mesh water bottle pockets for fluid needs.

Designed for the age two to four, affordable Youth Sprout is day backpack when you know your little world is going on a one-day trail venture.

2. Deuter Schmusebar 8L Backpack

Deuter Schmusebar 8L Backpack Review

Schmusebar 8L backpack is designed by Deuter for kids aged two to four. Lightweight and versatile construction of this backpack is suitable for pre-school nursery to swimming pool and fun-packed mountain adventure.

Deuter Super Polytex fabric of the backpack is robust and lightweight keeping your kid feel easy and comfortable. Foam back ensures breathability and reduced precipitation keeping your kid fresh and ready. A sternum strap gives the backpack an overall stability with balance. Additional side pockets give extra storage space for quick kids treasure stashing.

Moreover, a playfully colorful pattern features butterflies, dinosaurs and dolphins for an eye-catching visual treat.

  • List Price: 39.95

3. Osprey ACE 50, Kid’s Overnight Backpacking Pack

Osprey ACE 50, Kid's Overnight Backpacking Pack Review

ACE 50 backpack is manufactured by Osprey exclusively designed keeping kids in mind. This multipurpose backpack is a perfect option for an overnight adventure or a weekend camping trip.

Nylon rip-stop rugged construction creates a durable main body. LightWire™ suspension system ensures your kid feel feathery with all the load while maintaining the balance. The lid itself holds two zippered compartments for sundries. A front mesh pocket and two mesh side pockets adds up the storage capabilities of this backpack. Compression upper and lower side straps ensure a comfortable fit for your kid. The torso length is also adjustable as an adoptability factor for different body structures. A strong hipbelt with zippered pockets makes it easy for the kids to store their collected treasures from the trail. Moreover, an adjustable loop can effectively hold a fishing rod and ice tool exhibiting supportability and serviceability.

  • List Price: 160.00

4. REI Co-op Tarn 40 Pack

REI Co-op Tarn 40 Pack Review

Tarn 40 backpack is put together by REI Co-op for growing adventurers. Tarn 40 ensures your kids get the best possible comfortability whether they hit a trail on a fun packed hike with their friends.

The transformable construction adopts to the body structure through adjustable backpanel and side compression straps. A removable top lid adds to the overall storage capability of the backpack. A large mesh pocket at the front gives breathability and while providing easy access to the stuff. Snap closure water bottle pockets are positioned on the hipbelt so your kids stay hydrated with ease.

Additionally, the Tarn 40 backpack includes front loops which enables ice axe and tools attachments.

  • List Price: 99.95

5. Gregory Wander 70 Pack For Kids

Gregory Wander 70 Pack For Kids Review

Wander 70 by Gregory is a versatile backpack exclusively designed for kids for their adventures. Wander 70 is insubstantial and durable and your kids can definitely accompany your week-long or longer trips.

Adjustable VersaFit suspension built ensures the backpack to perfectly fit the little ones giving them support and stability. The rugged main body is robust and durable protecting the belonging of your kids. A large mesh front pocket holds enough room for gear organization. Additional side mesh pockets add to the storage capacity of the backpack. The comfortable hipbelt features zippered pockets at the front for frequently used items with easy accessibility.

Wander 70 is lightweight, reliable and aids your kids to maintain the perfect equilibrium while they match footsteps with you on the trails.

  • List Price: 199.00

Best Backpacking Backpacks – Unisex

1. Patagonia Nine Trails Backpack 36L

Patagonia Nine Trails Backpack 36L Review

Nine Trails backpack is designed by Patagonia to meet everyone’s need delivering minimalist style and versatility. No matter long overnight missions or carefree trail traverse, nine trails backpack is just the right option for your weekend long approaches.

Rip-stop nylon body with polyester lining makes it robust and durable. The Polyurethane coating ensures water repellent capabilities so your stuff stay dry. An integrated lid with a top loader makes loading gear simple and hassle free. Mono-mesh backpanel regulates the airflow at the back ensuring breathability and comfortability. Compressional side straps evenly hold the load reducing the weight for more agility.

Additional options include padded shoulder harness for shoulder serenity and adjustable sternum and wasitbelt for a snug fit. Large mesh pocket at the front and two quick stash side pockets gives more storage for the gear.

  • List Price: 199.00

2. The North Face Surge Backpack

The North Face Surge Backpack Review

The surge backpack is developed by The North Face to cater to your weekend backpacking needs. The surge is lightweight and durable enough to accompany you in your weekend long trails and ventures.

Hyper-Durable ballistic nylon composes the main of the backpack which is robust and able to withstand natural stress. The backpack features a large main compartment, a 15” laptop compartment and a front organizational compartment providing ample storage capability. The front compartment also offers a fleece lined media pocket, secured zipped pocket and elastic webbing for cord management.

Additionally, Surge FlexVent™ delivers backpanel ventilation and comfort with a lumbar panel while injected molded straps reduces pressure on shoulders. Teksever fabric is also used to add two water bottle pockets easily accessible.

  • List Price: 129.00

3. Kelty Trekker 65 External Frame Backpack

Kelty Trekker 65 External Frame Backpack Review

Trekker 65 is manufactured by Kelty for those who seek challenges and adventure. Hike over a thousand miles or enjoy long weekend trips, Trekker is surely a great option which won’t weigh you down.

An external Aluminum frame and rip-stop polyester forms the major construction of the backpack for durability and robustness. Top loading ensures a hassle-free load up while a large front pocket and side pockets add to the overall storage. Sternum straps gives you a perfect snug fit so you move with the perfect balance. Adjustable suspension adopts to the body structure ensuring equilibrium on the track. Padded shoulder straps reduces the pressure on shoulders so you can move without stopping.

Moreover, a dual density foam hipbelt surrounds the waist while being pliable as you move. Trekker 65 is also equipped with a sleeping bag compartment keeping you ready for your adventures.

  • List Price: 179.95

4. Gregory Paragon 68 Pack

Gregory Paragon 68 Pack Review

Paragon 68 is manufactured by Gregory for your backpacking adventures. Paragon is lightweight and strong to lift up your load in the weekend long plans or for even overnighters.

Aluminum frame with nylon forms the main body which is rugged and robust. Aerolon suspension is lighter and lets the structure to adopt with the body structure for stability and support. Foam-matrix backpanel gives breathability ensuring moisture evaporation so you stay on your track. 3D shoulder harness has EVA foam which reduces the pressure on your shoulders keeping you agile. The hipbelt is also equipped with EVA foam for comfortable fit while the front pockets in it gives storage opportunity. Stretch pocket on the front offers gear overflow and organization.

Additional options in the Paragon 68 has quick stow system for sunglasses storage, a reservoir sleeve for hydration and solar-ready goal zero points on top pockets for solar panels. Another feature is a sleeping bag compartment that can be divided and used as a traditional top pocket.

  • List Price: 249.95

5. Granite Gear Nimbus Trace Access 70

Granite Gear Nimbus Trace Access 70 Review

Nimbus Trace Access 70 is put together by the Granite Gear which is lightweight and exceptionally spacious for less supporting trips. Take this multiday backpack on long lasting trips even in the warm-weather.

CORDURA® high Tenacity nylon composes the main of the backpack giving it rugged robustness and durability. A zip open access panel provides ease of access and loading. Internal compression straps keep the most elusive stuff on its place without disturbing the rest of the gear. Dual Density EVA is built into shoulder straps and hipbelt for added comfortability and reduced pressure. Side compression straps keeps the load streamlined for more stable and supportive movement. A hydration port and the internal sleeve ensures you stay hydrated in your journey. A double zipped front access panel gives hassle-free access to your belongings.

Moreover, massive additional stretchable pockets assures gear organization while keeping you worriless during your overnighters. It is currently available at a discounted outlay for a limited time only.

  • List Price: 227.47

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